Saturday, January 10, 2015

Preparing for Baby # 3

I have adamantly told friends and family that I don’t want a baby shower for this pregnancy.  First of all, I find it tacky because this is our third and we still have the things we need to care for a baby.  Having another party to welcome gifts doesn’t sit well with me, and I am embarrassed just by the thought of it. Besides, Ryan and I have invested on sturdy and long-lasting baby stuff knowing that we planned on having more than just one child.  The furniture that we have are still very much intact and solid. 

Having said that, I am more open to celebrating when the baby is out though.  And celebrating for me means having a private get-together at home after delivery where we could have a few drinks and nibbles to welcome the newest member of the family.  That appeals more to me!

With the third baby, I am still inclined to buy a few new pieces here and there so as not to dump all hand-me-downs to our precious one.  The new baby is as important as its big bro and big sis so I am still thinking of getting brand new items for its use.  On top of new mittens, booties, bodysuits and PJs for the baby, I have a few things in mind that I'd like to get for our wee one. 

My first purchase was actually a pair of tops from H&M.  I will not post the photos here because that will give away the gender.  But they are super cute, I tell you!  :) My second purchase was a new set of cot bedding from Pottery Barn.  They are currently on sale and luckily, they have included some items that I am eyeing for baby popcorn on their marked down section.  I got a new crib bumper, a matching pillow sham and a fitted sheet.  I will have the pillow sham embroidered with the baby’s name once it’s out.

**Photos courtesy of Pottery Barn website

I have also just recently bought a crib bale for the baby which I scored at Babies R Us.  We still do have the yellow safari design we’ve used for Lexie but thought I’d get another one. No photos available, too, as it will reveal the gender, haha!

The only major thing that we need to purchase is a new electric breastpump.  Even though this is the last baby we intend to have, I still want to get a dependable breastpump especially when I head back to work.  I have asked my fellow n@wie sisters for their opinion and was suggested that I go for this:

**Photo from Medela website

Thankfully, father dear had promised to get me this as a present to the baby.  Such a big relief especially since this machine does not come cheap!

I also intend to try the Earth's Best toiletries for the baby, which by the way are now available in town through Life Pharmacy.   I plan on giving this organic brand's body care line a shot.  I'll use it on the new baby, as well as with Lexie because until now, she is still using California Baby which is hard to source as it's only available in the US.

**Photo from Earth's Best website

I have also grabbed a bottle of Mustela foam shampoo for newborn which I swear works on cradle cap based on our experience.

**Photo from Musetela USA website

For our baby swaddling needs, I am thinking of getting a 3-piece set of Aden & Anais muslin swaddling blankets.  Hubby and I are into swaddling, and I am excited to try this product for our third.  We did get a pack a few days ago from Baby Shop that are also made of Muslin and are 120 cm x 120 cm in size.  For its price & quality, it seems like a good buy.

While going through Babies R Us, I also chanced upon Koala Baby which quite similar to the quality of Carter’s apparel.  I am a huge fan of Carter’s and both Dade & Lexie used them when they were babies but they are just so expensive now.  Luckily, Koala Baby has the same make, material and style as Carter’s (Carter’s dupe, I say!) and their 4-pack onesies are currently on sale at AED 20-27 ($5.50 to $7.50) each.  Even their washcloths are amazingly priced at AED 20 ($5.50) for 12 pieces, and are made of the same terry cloth material as those of Carter’s.  So yes, Baby A will be strutting with new stuff, too. 

Of course I haven’t forgotten to look after myself so I did write down a few bits and bobs for my post-delivery needs.  First on my list are a few pieces of nursing bras from Bravado.  It was a toss between Bravado and Mamaway but the reviews of Bravado are quite stellar so I am giving the brand a shot.  Plus a lot of breastfeeding celebrities swear by it so I thought I’d purchase at least 3 pieces – 2 Body Silk seamless nursing bra and 1 Women’s Bliss nursing bra.  The ones I’ve used before didn’t really live up to my expectations & were very uncomfortable so even if each bra would set me back to at least $50, I would still make the investment.

In addition, as I plan on getting a Freestyle breastpump, I will get myself a Simple Wishes hands-free nursing bra from Amazon.  With a newborn to look after plus a pre-schooler and toddler to care for, too, I would need all the hands I could use to juggle all my Mommy tasks.  You wouldn’t believe who found this one of a kind and highly rated nursing bra to suggest to me.  Yep, it was my husband who is my biggest cheerleader and breastfeeding supporter.

As I plan to be fit this time around after delivery, I will also invest on a good belly binder that will help me get back into shape (or at least help me reduce my tummy’s size).  My first on the list is The Cinch Belly Wrap. 

**Photo from Cinch Tummy Wrap website

I also intend to get a Wink Shapewear for when I need to step out of the house.  I promise to be diligent in wearing a belly wrap with this last delivery -- it's either now or never!  The belly wraps are a bit on the expensive side, too, so that will encourage me to use them to justify their costs.

Other than these items, I cannot think of anything else to add because as I’ve said, we do have everything we need for the baby. 

After the shopping spree is over, the next thing on the agenda is my maternity photo shoot.  Now that will be super exciting!


RoxiBornilla said...

I have both the cinch and freestyle.
The cinch was curling at the edges. Maybe I put it on too tight, I don't know. But it didn't do the work for me. The best binder that gave me flat tummy just two weeks after giving birth was my soen binder. Very cheap. Very uncomfortable! Haha. I have to put lampin around my body before putting it on cause the edges where there are velcros are are so pointy it bores through my skin. Hahaha. But hey, I got flat tummy! Flatter than when I was still single.

The freestyle naman, it's suction is not as powerful as the pump in style advanced, even if it's already plugged directly to the power source. I had to sell it. Medela Philippines' flagship product right now is the swing maxi. They also carry the freestyle though. It got me thinking that there might be some design flaw with the freestyle that's why swing maxi gets the most advertisement. But boy! It sure is nice to walk around pumping milk with the freestyle.

Gracie said...

Hi Roxi! Thanks for the tips. I wish you had commented sooner not after I had purchased them already, lol :P

I have a back up binder but not sure if I can handle the velcros with the cheaper binders. I suffered a lot when I tried it after having Dade and hated the feeling so I never continued on with the binding thing. We'll see how this Cinch will work.

As for the Freestyle, the design looks exactly like the Swing Maxi, and the only difference is the timer and digital interface of the former. I read reviews about it but most had good responses and were happy about it. I heard Swing Maxi is being promoted in the Philippines because it is a lot cheaper than Freestyle and it is standing as a replacement for the well-loved PISA which they phased out. The only difference daw with the Swing Maxi and PISA is that Swing Maxi doesn't come as a set with bags and other accessories. Sana naman it would work really well because I have no back up pump at the moment *fingers crossed*