Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Perfect Hair Curler

My hair has grown longer than I have planned, and I intended to have it cut short (like shoulder length) for easier maintenance.  However, getting an appointment at the salon is not as easy as I thought because they are usually full after office hours.  I guess that was a sign that I should keep my hair long because finally, after many weeks of search, I have found the right sized curler I want from Babyliss.

The curler I specifically want must:
  •  be 1.5” or 38mm sized for that big curl effect
  •  be made of ceramic
  • have temperature control
Luckily, the one I chanced upon at Carrefour has all these plus more!  It’s a 2-in-1 straight and curl pro hair styler with titanium ceramic coating, which is made of high density ceramic for professional use.  It’s got a proper on and off switch button, and rapid preheat setting with a maximum of 200ÂșC.  For its price, it is quite a steal especially since it saved me from shipping charges had I opted to order online.

my new Babyliss love

As I had spent so much time in bed yesterday for my afternoon nap (4 hours, man!) and couldn’t sleep for the night, I grabbed my new pro curler and test drove it on my hair at 11:45 pm since I had nothing better to do, haha! 

These are my selfies using my iPhone 6 camera so please bear with the photos’ quality. 

messy hair don't care

with my new beauty tool


I love how my new beauty tool curled my hair!  Super straight forward to use, and in just 15 minutes, my hair was all done.  It’s definitely worth the dirham I paid for!  I give it 5 stars right off the bat.

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