Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Resurfacing With Good News!

Has it really been months since my last post?  Damn!  Can’t believe time flew by without me updating this blog. 

Anyhoo, this little missus has been quite busy the past few months.  So much has happened, and the best thing is that most of the stuff that have transpired were good news.  First off, WE ARE PREGNANT!  Yes, we’re having baby number 3 and in a few more months, we will be officially a family of 5! 

we found out when we were in Venice! what a perfect gift!

Although my husband and I dream of having three kids, we never expected that we would get pregnant this soon.  The plan was for us to conceive in 2016 after our intended trip to the US.  I guess God has better plans for us.  I had a late ovulation last July, and found out mid-August that we are expecting :)

We are doing things a little differently this time.  We plan not to disclose the gender of the baby until the d-day.  We figured since we already have a boy and a girl, our baby’s gender does not matter much as long as he/she is healthy.  It’s just funny how Dade wants a little brother in contrast to Lexie’s wish for a baby sister.  They fight about it and it is too darn cute, haha!  Little did they know that we already know what they’re gonna get, and we are not gonna tell!

So what else is good to share?  Ah, yes, after almost 6 years, hubby and I were finally able to travel as a couple again.  It was worth the wait, I tell you!  Super happy that we’ve made the leap and finally went ahead with the trip because with the recent news of our pregnancy, it will take years for us to travel again by ourselves.  All thanks to my little sister, Bern, hubby and I were able to fulfill our dream of going back to Europe and city hop for 3 weeks to 7 different countries.  I know, lucky us, right?  Will tell more about our trip in my next posts. 

Other good news to share: the kids’ good health, a trip with bestie last June which deserves a separate post, a visit by the in-laws last April, Lexie & Dade’s respective birthday parties, and hubby’s thriving career on sugar cookies making.

Watch this space as I start depositing fun memories on this blog again.  Cheers everyone!