Saturday, March 29, 2014

My Mobile Phone History

My current mobile phone is being reformatted for I don't know what.  All I know is that my iTunes keeps asking for a password for an Apple ID that isn't mine.  Such a headache!  Thank goodness I'm not doing it (thanks honey!)  So while I wait until it gets fixed, I thought I'll stroll through memory lane and look back at the units I've had that were held preciously by my hands :) 

I first had my celfone when I graduated from college in 1999.  Yes, you can mentally calculate how old I am now.  But age is only a number.  I still feel 20, you know, lol.  Anyway, I digress. 

The first celfone (or mobile phone which is how it’s called here) that I had is a Nokia 5110.  At that time, it was the ultimate digital mobile unit to have – handy and eye-catching with its bright cover cases that you can interchange as you wish.  I got it from Globe Telecom in Glorietta where I applied for my very first post-paid line, and came with the plan so I got it for a reduced amount.  It was Daddy-sponsored and came as a gift when I landed my first job. 

sunshiny yellow

As Nokia monopolized the market then, they released several units to cater to their growing market.  In 2001, I changed my unit to an 8210, and that was around the time when Cameron Diaz who portrayed Natalie Cook in Charlie’s Angels used it in one of the fight scenes (“I like that guy!”).  I bought my unit from Greenhills, and it was the first time I have ever made a purchase that big from my hard-earned money. 

handy dandy unit 

In 2003, Smart Telecom started introducing postpaid plans to ram up their sales.    They gave away free mobile phones according to the plan you book, and they automatically give away a free unit within your plan range upon renewal.  The plan is for 2 years and was just perfect!  I queued at The Podium in Ortigas for a Nokia 3650, which was one of the first camera phone units.  I gave the line to my Mom while I kept my Globe Telecom postpaid number. 

round keys -- cute!

When I arrived to Dubai in 2005, mobile phones were like the cheapest commodity here.  Even office boys have the dandiest units in their hands, and so I decided to make the change and go for another Nokia unit which series escapes me.  It was a nifty mobile phone that fitted my pocket perfectly.   Bessie B accompanied me in Al Nasr Square to buy the unit at a much cheaper price than from the malls.

In 2007, hubby and I took the plunge of going in the dark side.  I opted for a Sony Ericsson Z750a, the fliptop type.  And you’ve guessed it -- I got it my favorite color! 

girly-girly phone 

For years, I’ve used this phone until I tried Blackberry because of its messaging app, BBM.  I got one for myself which had a trackball, and as expected, broke after a year or two of use.  I eventually upgraded for a Blackberry Bold 9700 that my Dad gave me money to pay for, and I loved it!  For years, it was my loyal companion. 

loved this phone so much!

Fast forward to 2011.  du have opened a DIFC Business Account for all employees in the centre so I availed of their promotion of an iPhone 4s just months before they launched iPhone 5.  I signed up for a business plan that gave me a free unit with monthly 10GB data package and 100 minutes of local and 100 minutes of international call.  Perfect for my lifestyle and plus the cost was completely covered by my monthly mobile allowance.  I didn’t give up my Etisalat just yet as I am still keeping that number even though Lexie had smashed the blackberry unit that I loved so much. 

crossed the dark side.  IOS, finally!

I loved my iPhone case that dressed up my unit.  It’s a Kate Spade one that my cousin bought from an Apple Store in UK.  Love that airmail design that gets frequently complimented by colleagues and friends!

old school style

Last month, my Dad came over for a 22-hour layover in Dubai before he went to Manila for his holidays.  You can guess what he got for me as a pressie – an iPhone 5S!  Grateful as I was for the new phone, I did miss my 4S though because of its capacity.  My 4s was a 32GB while my 5s is just 16GB.  The old phone was inherited by the husband.  He wasn’t happy though as he wanted an Android one to tinker with.

so elegant & classy

My iPhone 5s case is this:

perfect for my phone

all happened thanks to Aramex!

Just beautiful!  And the words spoke to me.  Ordered this from The Every Girl.  Lovin’ everything about this case, I swear! 

Counting the units I’ve owned thus far, I’ve had 9 units in 15 years.  So on the average, I change my unit every 18 months.  Not so bad compared to others who change whenever a new one gets released.  Now I wonder what my next unit will be.  Nuninuninu….


MrsMommyHolic said...

Hi sis! I nominated you for the "You are my Sunshine Blogger" Award :) Thank you!

Rochelle Leonor said...

5110! Possibly the best and sturdiest Nokia phone ever! :D

Rochelle Leonor said...

5110! Possibly the best and sturdiest Nokia phone ever! :D

Gracie said...

I agree, Roche! Nothing will ever beat 5110's superb quality.