Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Back!

And this time, it's for shizzle!

I know I'm such a bad blogger for neglecting this special little corner for so many months.  I am out of reasons to tell you guys so let's just keep the lame excuses under the rug (and never unearth them for all eternity). Let's talk about my return and my new blog's look instead, shall we?

Now who is excited about my blog's new look and feel??  Meeee!!!  After so many months of searching the right template that would best suit me and the things I write in this blog, I have decided on this template design from  I had to narrow down 8 options to 5, and then to 4, and then to 2.  I have been drawn to this template since I laid my eyes on it, and i was so close to hitting the button when I decided to postpone so I can show the husband what i wanted to get.  But instead of immediately zeroing in on my final choice, I laid out all my options and asked the hubby to choose the one he thinks is appropriate for me through elimination process.  And whaddaya know, he chose THIS!  My husband knows me real well :)

So yeah, better watch this space folks 'cos this girl is back and I mean business!

Let the blogging marathon begin!


Crinklynose said...

Good to hear from you again sis. I too, need to update my blog. It's been so long... Thanks for the inspiration, I will get back into blogging again... oh how I missed it...


Gracie said...

yes, i am so ready to go back to blogging. just like you, i missed it terribly, too.