Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Camel Ride

9 years since i came to the sandbox, I finally had the courage to ride a camel!  

at Al Ain Zoo's Children's Park

I have always been scared of riding the camel because of its height.  Apparently, it wasn't as frightening as I thought it would be.  I'm just so glad i overcame my fear!  Next time, I'll do it in the desert when we go for a desert safari adventure :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lifestyle Photoshoot Sneak Peek

On the first day of the year, we had our customary lifestyle photoshoot c/o our family's favorite photographer, Bessie B who also took care of my maternity shoot.

Here's a sneak peek of the beach set:

hashtag what i live for

This is my favorite photo and i'm sure you can guess why.  Dear Dade and dear Lexie are looking at each other longingly without any prodding or encouragement from the photographer or from us.  It captured a brief moment of Kuya (the elder one) being Kuya and bunso (the youngest one) being bunso.  I love it!

The day before the shoot, I rummaged through our closets to find each of us a suitable ensemble to wear to the beach.  I've always been so fond of the colors of Lexie's skirt that I bought on sale from Gingersnaps for only Php 200 (USD 4.50) so I thought, "Hey, those colors would work for the camera!" We couldn't have picked a better motif for our pictorial!

I will be posting more of the pictures from the two sets we had that afternoon.  And if any of you Dubaians would like to hire my friend, do drop me a line and I will put you in touch with her.

Monday, January 20, 2014

I'm Back!

And this time, it's for shizzle!

I know I'm such a bad blogger for neglecting this special little corner for so many months.  I am out of reasons to tell you guys so let's just keep the lame excuses under the rug (and never unearth them for all eternity). Let's talk about my return and my new blog's look instead, shall we?

Now who is excited about my blog's new look and feel??  Meeee!!!  After so many months of searching the right template that would best suit me and the things I write in this blog, I have decided on this template design from  I had to narrow down 8 options to 5, and then to 4, and then to 2.  I have been drawn to this template since I laid my eyes on it, and i was so close to hitting the button when I decided to postpone so I can show the husband what i wanted to get.  But instead of immediately zeroing in on my final choice, I laid out all my options and asked the hubby to choose the one he thinks is appropriate for me through elimination process.  And whaddaya know, he chose THIS!  My husband knows me real well :)

So yeah, better watch this space folks 'cos this girl is back and I mean business!

Let the blogging marathon begin!