Monday, January 21, 2013

What's In A Name?

This has been sitting in my drafts for so long already and thought I'd finally publish it while I'm at it.  So please pardon the 9 months delay.  I just want to share with you how we came up with our daughter's name and where we got them from.

our baby girl's birth announcement

Having a daughter equates to being girlish so I went ahead and created a birth announcement for our dear daughter, Lexie.  The same birth announcement was shared with our friends and family, and I thought of doing the same here in my blog.

Long before we decided to have another baby, the husband had already picked out the perfect name for his princess.  I had no choice but to give in because in as much as I hate to admit it, his personal picks are truly unique and special.  except for one name that i fought tooth and nail to be written in her birth certificate, haha!

Hubby's choice for the first name is Calliope \c(a)-llio-pe\.  as a girl's name, it is pronounced as ka-LYE-ah-pee.  It is of Greek origin, and the meaning of Calliope is "beautiful voice".  Ryan first heard of the name from the PSP game, "God of War".  Calliope is the name of the protagonist, Kratos's daughter.  Yes, men and their video games.  Really mature, haha!

To be fair, he gave me the free reign to choose the second name.  Now I've always been fascinated by the name Yvaine.  If it rings a bell, it is because it is the name of the fallen star in Neil Gaiman's first solo prose novel in 1998, Stardust portrayed by Clare Danes.  it is of Scottish origin which means "evening star".  Now ain't my baby a star in her own right?  It just suits her perfectly (stage Momma mode).

Not meaning to state the obvious, Lexie's nickname was taken from her third name, Alexia.  \a-lexia\ is a variant of Alexandra (Greek) and Alexis (Greek) which means "man's defender".  This name was taken from our first baby, Alexis, a black labrador retriever who is currently living with hubby's family back in the Philippines.  She was my 2004 Christmas present to dear husband before I left for Dubai in 2005.

We get a lot of comments on the length and difficulty in spelling and pronouncing our daughter's name but we don't give a care.  We love how precious and extraordinary her name sounds!  It is only but befitting to a royalty.  After all, she is a princess in her own right who lives in the simple castle we call home.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fresh Start, New Year

Welcome 2013!  I hope this year brings us all good health, genuine happiness, family solidarity, warm friendships and awesome memories.

cheers to 2013!

God bless everyone!