Sunday, April 15, 2012

Still Here. Still Preggy.

Sorry for the lack of posts dear friends.  I've been so wrapped up with all the happenings at home and at work. Here are my updates in a flash, so pardon me if they're in bullets.  This is the best that I can do for now. 


- Moved to our new apartment last 22nd March.  Yes, at 34 weeks, the preggy me survived a move from one apartment to another.  Crazy idea.  I don't recommend it.  Yes, it's doable but not for the faint-hearted.
- We're so thankful we hired professional movers this time.   Euromovers did a remarkable job!  Worth every penny we paid for.  
- Did I tell you that my new landlord is HH's brother?  Uh huh!  I so love our new place because it's well-maintained and the facilities are awesome.  Perfect spot to grow a family.  
- Little by little, we've been shopping for new furniture, as well because our hall is too big and our current furniture just don't seem to fit perfectly.  They look too small and odd. 
- The kids' room was already painted with shades of pink, baby blue & lime green by the ever reliable handyman in the house, DH.  Dada has to fix some more stuff before we can showcase what we've done.  I love how the colors turned out, that much I can tell you :) 
- The kitchen is super spacious!  I can fit a small dining table in the middle, seriously!  We have so much counter space so hubby is inspired to bake.  Since we moved, he's baked chocolate crinkles for our Easter Egg Hunt & my 7th anniversary at work, and some bread pudding from our stale bread.  In fact, we have our breakfast in the kitchen everyday.  It's our official tambayan at home, lol!
- We now have a nanny/helper at home!  Yes, after months of preparing for this, we finally have our helper who arrived last month.  Yaya M is a blessing to us!  Such a hardworking nanny who adores Dade.  I've never felt so pampered in my life now that we have someone to help us in looking after Dade and keeping our abode mess-free.  

Pregnancy update

- I'm currently on my 37th week.  Last Easter Sunday, I lost my mucus plug and had bloody show for three straight days thereafter.  So I decided last Monday to take my maternity leave for fear that I might scare the living daylights out of my colleagues.  I'm not sure if it's a good idea because when I had my OB check up yesterday, I was told that i'm only 1 cm dilated. That means that I may or may not deliver soon.  I also had a CTG before I left the clinic just to check if i'm having contractions that i'm probably not feeling.  Nothing yet.  
- I'm getting antsier by the day.  I've been walking since Tuesday last week for at least a kilometer but it doesn't seem to work.  Guess I'll have to walk more, like at least 3 kms per day.  
- Little girl's doing great though, and that is excellent news for us.  She's more or less 3 kg now and is very much active in my tummy.  Prolly enjoying hotel uterus so she's taking her time to come out and meet her eager family, haha!
- For months, my weight gain was pretty steady.  I loved how little I was gaining despite all the food I eat and liquids I drink.  However, on my 36th week, I got a shocker when I stepped on the scales and saw how much I gained for half a month.  From the usual less than a pound every fortnight, I gained 3.4 kgs!  No kidding, 3.4 kgs in just 2 weeks!  I don't know what I did or what I ate differently, but I was stunned when I saw the figures.  Been using the same scale for the past 7 months so I know it's not the scale's fault.  Since then, I took a wee bit of diet so I was happy to learn yesterday that I lost almost a kilo.  Whew!  We can't have a big baby when we're hoping for a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarian).

Little Boy

- Dade's adjusted to his new yaya, which is a good news to us.  She's been teaching him, as well to prepare him for school this coming September.  The major challenge we are facing right now is how to potty train our little guy.  I guess I should take advantage of this leave to do this. 
- Speaking of school, our firstborn is already enrolled to FS1.  Yes, after careful thought and consideration, we chose a British Curriculum School that fits our budget.  It's located halfway from our apartment and my workplace.  Still can't believe though that my baby is about to go to school.  I can already picture myself crying on his first day :(
- Summer's here so we decided to bring him to Kiddy Couture Salon yesterday for a much-needed haircut.  We were surprised to see how behaved Dade was -- clippers and all.  The usual scene is a loud, crying boy but yesterday was completely different, and we couldn't be happier!  We will definitely bring him there again for his haircuts.  

busy little driver

- We're training the kuya-to-be to withhold using his stroller for short trips to the mall.  I told hubby I'm not sold to the idea of bringing 2 strollers whenever we need to go out, especially if one of them is a 10kg stroller that I can't even for the life of me take out of our crossover's trunk.  We survived yesterday when we went to Ikea for a few items.  That's a good sign.  

I have so much to tell but have to stop this first as Bessie B is about to arrive in a few.  She'll be spending a few days here with us to help out in case I deliver today, or tomorrow, or anytime this week.  

Tata for now!  I promise to be back ;-)