Friday, February 24, 2012

My Nappy Bag Is Here!

After so much thought and contemplation, I decided to get this nappy bag for Baby L:

funky nappy bag

This bag has a funny story behind it that I'll share with you even though it's boring, to be honest, haha!!  It was on sale a couple of weeks ago at It was a surprise 2-day sale, and I was almost sure I was getting the bag. When I was checking out and paying for my purchase, my UAE credit card was rejected by the website. I was heartbroken!  I hate you, Kate Spade!!  This is discrimination!!! Huhuhu!!! 

Anyhoo, my colleague, L offered to use her UK debit card but unfortunately, It didn't have enough credit so transaction was also rejected. I decided to just let go and move on by searching for the same bag on eBay. Patience is indeed a virtue as a week later, I got the very same bag for a little more than half of its original price. I was so thrilled when I won the auction. At only USD 220 with free shipping to NY, it was a steal!

I couldn't tell you how happy I was when Aramex came to our office last Thursday to deliver my new bag. I never thought she'd be so pretty in real life! Me happy preggy Mommy! :)

She's a striking bag that's so funky and feminine! Plus she's super spacious. Depth is 8" and filled with pockets and compartments. My Dwell Studio Large Travel Case fits her perfectly, and with more than enough space for more stuff.  I can easily throw in a blanket and toy for the little girl with ease.

Thanks to father dear for this lovely gift for me & Baby L.  We love you, Lolo Dad! Mwah!!

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