Monday, February 13, 2012

Little Mr. Independent

My young boy is such a fruit monster.  Never a day goes by that he doesn't get his hands (and mouth!) on fruits.  I think fruits are his first love.

One ordinary day after work, we passed by the nearby Spinney's to buy his fruit stash. as soon as he saw me put the bunch of bananas on the basket, he insisted on carrying it by himself.  Whenever Ryan attempts to help him out, he puts the basket down and shows his unhappy face.  He obviously wanted to be involved in picking out his fruits and carry them by himself.

taking the basket from Dada

Taking our cue, we went to the fridge next and allowed him to choose the fruits he liked. He took some honey due and some watermelon slices. It was funny how he was seriously contemplating on getting the huge, half cut watermelon over the slices! He was close to picking out the pineapple slices but decided against it, and then went over to check out the citrus section instead.  I was relieved he didn't pick any of the imported berries (expensivo!)

Here he is carrying his groceries.

proud baby boy

After we paid, he also insisted on carrying his bought goods. It was difficult for him to carry the bag, but he showed how determined he was to make it to the car without any help.  That's when i realized my little boy is no longer a baby, and somehow, it made my heart sink :(

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the linos said...

gracie, grabe, big boy na si dade. she looks so cute ha, he gained weight no? i mean, parang pumayat kasi sya nung vacay nyo here? anyways, really looks bagay on him.