Monday, February 13, 2012

Baby Bedding For Baby L

Most people say that when you are having a baby girl, it is much easier to buy stuff because there are a lot more choices for you.  I thought it would be a breeze for me to pick out items for our little princess but ironic as it may seem, I find the items for baby boys much more appealing.  

As Baby L will be using Kuya Dade's cot when she comes out, it is only but fitting to get a special bedding that would fit a princess. After showing my 3 options to dear husband (he abhorred anything pink & brown for the nursery!!), the only bedding set that met his standard is this lovely warm pink, mint green and aqua blue (whew!):

bright & happy set of beddings

Ain't it super girly? Oh, the set would beautifully match the white cot from Ikea plus the letters I got from Pottery Barn that would spell out our little girl's name! I so can't wait to start decorating the nursery!

I tried to order it from Amazon the other day but was disappointed to learn that they were out out of stock. I was determined to get the set at no more than $99 so when I saw this being sold on final clearance at, I quickly bought it without thinking twice. I got it for $79.99 + $13 Fed Ex shipping to my address in Aramex Shop & Ship NY.  It should arrive next week, and I'm super excited to receive it! :)


Sophie said...

I think the baby bedding set is gorgeous. Love the beautiful, pastel and lime green colors. It really brightens up the room!

the linos said...

hey gracie, super pretty! haha. can't wait for your bebe girl to come out. for sure super fab like mommy!

Abigail-MyNappytales said...

lovely! looks like you're all set for baby L.