Saturday, January 21, 2012

Dade's Big Boy Room

We're scouting for a new apartment because we plan on moving to a bigger unit in time for the new baby.  And before we finally leave this pad we called "home" for almost 3 years, allow me to share with you what we've done to Dade's room when we did a little make-over a few months ago.

Dade's newborn photos & nickname 

These round wooden thingies welcome you as soon as you enter the room.  Got them from Invitation House in Manila during one of our holidays. The photos and frame were from Ninang B.

our little one's bedroom/playroom

Dade's room at a glance. The room looked so small because of his toys (and that's just half of what he has!)

pull-out white framed bed

This is our wee one's bed.  He used to have a palochina bed frame but we changed it to this white bed frame with pull-out bed.  We badly wanted those from Pottery Barn Kids but couldn't afford their staggering prices so when we saw this day bed frame on sale at Home Centre, we bought it without even thinking twice. It just looks so elegant and Hampton-ish...haha!

books, toys &  knick-knacks station

We wanted all the furniture to be white to match the built-in wardrobes of the room. if we could only afford to spend a day to paint the walls, we would, but obviously we can't.  So yeah, everything looked sterile thanks to the lack of color.  The discounted Pottery Barn Kids curtains, thankfully, made the room look a bit brighter.

collection of bears & family photo

The bears were from Dade's very own Christening party.  The picture frame, meanwhile, was a complimentary gift from Pink Pepper Photography.  It is by far our favorite family picture :)

the ex-command center

This used to be called "the command center", a cabinet which we love so dearly because it can be converted to a changing table, which made our lives sooo much easier when Dade was still an infant.  No back-breaking experiences so I say it was worth the investment.  Here's how it looks like with the changing table installed: Hensvik Changing Table.

crib from Ninang B & Ninong K

Remember this crib from my baby shower?  Yep, it's very much intact as it was barely used by Dade. We intend on using this for the next baby so it's got to be disassembled before we move.   For the time being, we're using it as a bin for all of baby #2's shopping loot...hehe! Meanwhile, the wall decals were a gift from a friend. So useful!

side table with storage

Next to the crib is this small side table. Everything on top of it is a gift, except for the lamp shade and the iPod dock.  The iPod nano, a gift from Dade's Ninong a few years ago, is kept in the room to play classical music for the little boy.  I remember he used to sleep in the crib with Vivaldi playing in the background.  The digital frame was a birthday gift from my Pinoy colleagues a few birthdays ago. It has most of Dade's newborn photos.  Meanwhile, the rosary, a present from my HS friend, was the same one we used during our wedding while the candle and cross were gifts from friends.

So there you have it, that's a little tour of Dade's room in our current apartment. By mid of this year, he'll be sharing the room with his little sis and hopefully, the room will be more spacious than this.  More importantly, I hope that new room will have a splash of color compared to this :)


abigail said...

very nice room :)

Gracie said...

thank you :)

M.E. said...

Very cute room and child's toys and furnitures! ;) One thing I didn't like though: the bed is right below the windows. Hope your new flat will have all the space and more for your kids! :) And yeah,enjoyed reading your blog ;)

the linos said...

so so so prettyyyyyyy! :)
good job, mommy! i love it!!!

Anonymous said...

un lalagyanan ng rosary was my gift! :) -jing