Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baby # 2's Progress

It's about time i write more stuff about our little girl, Baby L.  I've been so wrapped up with all the daily juggling act I do that I tend to set aside the urge to write more about her. Anyway, she's due this coming May and we're all so thrilled!  Can you believe it, in about 3 more months, Dade’s gonna be a big brother?!!  Exciting times ahead!

During my last check-up at 24 weeks, doc gave me this beautiful 3D photo of our little jellybean.  Oh, she looks so precious, don’t you agree?  I really think she looks a lot like her big brother.   Just look at that button nose, haha!

pretty snapshot of Baby L

Baby L kicks and squirms a lot frequently now, and sometimes, I feel that she nudges my sides with her elbows, too. I get startled most of the time especially when I am sitting in a meeting.   No matter how much you anticipate these movements, you will still be caught off-guard at some point. Meanwhile, queasiness has finally left me alone so I can happily eat and not worry about hugging the toilet anymore. I feel great and energized these days. Thankfully, I passed my Oral Glucose Tolerance Test, which I did the day after we arrived from our holiday in Manila. Imagine the jetlag and weariness I felt that morning…whew! So yes, since my sugar is A-ok, you can pass me that bowl of white rice and bottle of sweetened pasteurized orange juice. Whoopee!!

Now that we are back in Dubai, we’ve taken advantage of the mall-wide sale and mark downs of baby stores here. Carter’s is on top of our list.  We, I meant I, almost went overboard buying all the lovely pink and yellow and orange clothing I could get my grubby hands on. So far, we’re covered until the 6th month. I also bought ample newborn-sized clothing because I know how frequently they change clothes and I don’t want to make the same mistake of bringing “just enough” clothes in the hospital because in reality, “just enough” is never enough!

these clothes are just a few of what i recently purchased for the little gal :)

We will also be making a visit to Mothercare to check out their sale items, although I have to admit I’m more partial to Carter’s because they’re true to size. Mothercare, just like Marks and Spencer, have large sizes that don’t fit Pinoy babies’ shape and form. Babyshop is also on sale and we’re looking at getting a back-up breastpump that i can use.  I’m eyeing this BPA-free Avent iSis Uno, which I hope they’re selling at a discounted price.

Hubby also promised that this time, I’d have my own rocker to use when nursing the little one. It’ll also work great during my last few weeks of infanticipation when sleeping becomes more uncomfortable for me. Crossing my fingers that Babyshop still has some stock left.

i can already picture me & Baby L bonding in this comfy rocker

Here’s a photo of me of a not-so-little me at 25 weeks.  I know, I know…I look like a knocked up teacher here with my top and spectacles! Haha!

office toilet selfie

And yeah, for those who are wondering, we've chosen a name already.  Hubby got to pick the first and third names, while I picked out the second name and nickname :)

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