Saturday, November 19, 2011

Happy News


What a beautiful day!  It's my almost-16 week check-up today, and we found out Dade's getting a baby sister soon.

Hubby is wishing for a princess in the house and he's so stoked his wish is granted.  He was literally rejoicing in my OB's office after he announced the good news.  We were all nervously waiting in the dark and looking seriously at the screen while my OB was doing the ultrasound.  Yep, no balls nor trunk in sight so it's definitely a "she".  As for me,  I was secretly hoping it's a girl because I'd like my own baby girl to doll up, hihi!

We're happy beyond words! We feel so blessed.  Thank you, God!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Thank God...

...I don't live in the 50s!

In my current time, a good wife always knows her place -- equal to her husband!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Halloween Party 2011

Sharing with you some snippets from our Halloween Party last week.  This is the 3rd consecutive year we've done this and we're growing bigger each year.  More families have joined us for the party, and this time, we've leveled up by holding it in Burger King :)  Yep, we're done with house parties! No food to prep, no mess to clean :)

pumpkin balloon -- cutie!

Lone-ly Ranger

Mommy Minnie Mouse with Little Red Riding Hood

check out Dade's leather cowboy boots (which i got for only AED 10 at Gymboree)

Power Ranger

Dracula, Owl, Spiderman & Ninja

Mom, Dad, the little cowboy + Jelly Bean in Mom's tummy :)

trick or treat, table-hopping style

Mom, Dade & his loot

The kids had a grand time interacting with the other kids in different costumes. Well, except for Dade who was super scared of Spidey! When he finally warmed up to his presence, he danced to his heart's content and played with the other kiddos, too.  Whew!

Burger King prepared activities for the kids.  There was a face painting session, a dancing activity, competition for Best in Costume and Best Performer and a magic show which was entertaining to both kids and kids at heart.  Best in Costume went to Ninja kid while the Best Performer was Power Ranger.  Prizes were courtesy of Burger King :)

Each family also prepared some candies and give-aways to the 10 kids who attended the party.  We made some stations per table so the kids could do some trick or treating within the party hall.  It was so much fun!  I think the parents enjoyed it more than the little ones :P

I'm so delighted the party went well despite the last-minute preparations.  Our party was on a Saturday and we only finalized everything a few days prior to that.  Lucky for us there was a slot available for us and the BK staff I spoke to pencil-booked our party even if we haven't made any confirmation or down payment. Big thank you of course to all the Moms and Dads who took time to participate in this get-together. It would not have been extra fun without their presence (and goodies to give-away!).  'Til next year!

Photo credits to Armil Veloso who took all these beautiful pictures and for setting up our photo booth :)