Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dade’s 2nd birthday party

Dade turned 2 last August and as thanksgiving for our little one’s successful trigger thumb surgery (i know, i’ve yet to blog about it!), we decided to throw a little party as he finally turns terrific TWO.

welcome sign.  that's my handwriting & drawing there!

We wanted a low-key party for Dade so we booked Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen in Deira for the celebration. One thing I love about Popeye’s is their party hall which is located at the second floor. The hall is spacious and brightly painted with ample natural light coming in through their windows. They also have a play area in one corner where the kids could enjoy the slide and playhouse. Food is affordable, too. A meal costs AED 25 only and that includes half a portion of roasted chicken (yes half!), rice or cajun fries (which I so love, btw), a biscuit and drink. and you can order the same for kids, too instead of getting their kiddie meal which costs the same. the best thing about their party package is that you can also bring in food from outside. So on top of the food from Popeye’s, we also served Birthday Noodles (courtesy of my kumare’s Mom), Dinuguan (courtesy of my Pinay colleague) which is a blockbuster hit, Caldereta (ordered from Salt N’ Pepper), hotdog on stick for kids (courtesy of another Pinay colleague) and some macaroons (courtesy of Dade’s Ninong A). Chafing dishes were borrowed from my friend’s Mom who made the noodles so our food were laid out presentably in the buffet table.

The theme of the party was jungle safari so we pretty much had an easy time sprucing up the place. I sourced some of the balloons from Manila through a friend, then ordered the birthday boy’s hunter costume from my party planner back home, Jacque Tan of Partyboosters.  For the additional balloons, we bought them from Party Centre, as well as the table skirting for the buffet table and the lime colored Japanese lanterns for the sweets table. Meanwhile, we sourced the jungle cloth and periwinkle backdrop from a fabric store in Satwa.  My friends who are into party planning business here in the UAE helped us in decorating the place. They spent lots of precious hours for free as a gift to our little one. isn’t that sweet?

my little jungle explorer

stage area

balloon burst

party area

cutesy centerpieces

As for the prizes, most them were bought from Divisoria in Manila by Dade’s Ninang S while the activity sets were purchased from Border’s. Some of the plush toys were from bought from a stall in Modhesh World in Dubai Airport Expo. We got the brown lootbags from the Japanese thrift store, Daiso, while hubby and i pasted a DIY thank you note to make it more personalized.  Inside the bag were a small packet of juice, some jungle-themed candies, elephant shaped chocolates, a pack of biscuits, animal stickers and jungle-printed blowouts.  I was quite pleased at how the lootbags turned out.

prizes and give-aways


The printed stuff were all DIY care of our trusty printer. We were able to buy a set of jungle animal printables from Mygrafico, an online digital arts and crafts store.  Credits to Blackleaf Studios @ for the downloaded jpg and png photos and layouts were used for the save-the-date, invites, table centerpieces, cupcake toppers, water bottles, buntings, food labels and lootbag thank you tag.  This made things a lot easier for us. plus it made the party look lively and jungle safari-looking, which is what we were aiming for.

DIY invitation


personalized water bottles

DIY table skirt

The pompoms were also DIY.  Thanks to my li’l sis, B (who’s also Dade’s godmother) who bought the Japanese Paper from National Bookstore in Manila, I was able to make several pompoms through the help of Martha Stewart’s website.  These lovely pompoms made such a statement when they were hung from the ceiling. the name DADE was lovingly done by the Daddy who painstakingly cut the styrofoam using a cutter.  My contribution was to nail file the edges to make them smooth before painting them with blue acrylic paint.

sweets table

We ordered the cake from Sugarbox, and this time, we chose a new flavor.  It is a rainbow cake that’s really moist.  However , I was very disappointed with how they decorated the cake because they didn’t stick to my submitted pegs.  In my opinion, among Dade’s special occasion cakes (baptism and two 1st birthday parties), this was the ugliest looking cake he’s ever had.  In the end, I just decided to let it go since I didn’t want to ruin my party mood.


Thank goodness we also had cupcakes made by our friend.   Her home-made baked chocolate-marshmallow cupcakes were so delicious that both kids and adults enjoyed its yummy taste. I provided the jungle safari cupcake liner that matched the sweets’ lootbags and placed them in our ever-reliable cupcake stand. As for the sweets, we bought them from the grocery and labeled them with funky safari names. I borrowed some containers from my friend who also bought the swirly lollipops for the party.   The chocolate crinkles were home-made by the baker Daddy which was also a hit to the guests.


sweets and baked goodies

take home station

We also prepared “Jungle Juice” for the party for those people who prefer to drink juice than soda. It  was a toss between fresh lemonade or calamansi juice, but the Pinoy lime won us over. My bessie B who was in charge of the video of Dade’s party prepared the juice and added lots of ice to make it more thirst-quenching. In a matter of minutes, B had to make a refill because people just couldn’t resist its refreshing taste.

calamansi juice

The party was hosted by Dade’s Ninang S who prepared 2 unique games for the guests. It was a lot of fun! I got compliments from our guests later after the party because the games were really entertaining. finding items that start with the letter ‘D’ is apparently not easy at all! haha!

party game

As a souvenir for our guests, we also hired a photobooth run by our friend, S and her hubby, L.  The quality of the prints were really good and the colors looked so vibrant. S also designed a nice backdrop, as well as an adorable layout of the prints. I didn’t get to see the final layout but was so happy when I had a glimpse of it during the party.  It was more than what I imagined it would be. We used a photo from Dade’s 2nd pre-birthday pictorial for the layout where my little boy was wearing the hunter costume and gave S copies of the safari animals to remain consistent with the theme.

family pic

We could never thank enough our family members and friends who took time to come and celebrate with us. Without them, the party for our little boy wouldn’t have been a success.

Big, big thanks also to our friends, A (Dade’s Ninong) and G who took the beautiful pictures and for Ninang B who took the video. They’re priceless!


Joanne MV said...

it's a colorful party! and i love the DIY :) labor of love indeed! two thumbs up gracie :)

Anonymous said...

Such a fun party! Sayang, if I'd known you were having a safari party, I would've given you the safari theme digiscrap I bought for Khaled's birthday. It has almost the same looking cute animals. With different papers pa. :) -Mandy said...

I love all the details! Super nice pics and I just love all the DIY projects you did for Dade's birthday =)

Anonymous said...

Wow gracie! I love how you put everything together for your little boy's birthday!!
I stumbled upon your blog insearch for a photobooth for hire, kaya I would like to ask you sana if you have the contact number and how much are they charging..btw, my son will be turning 1 this march..would really appreciate to hear from email is thanks in advance gracie! btw, congrats for the baby girl on the way!

Gracie said...

hi joanne,
thanks! :) nadadaan pala sa tyaga 'pag walang budget sa party planner. haha!

Gracie said...

hi mandy,
sayang, but that's ok. i'm sure Khaled's party roared, too. iba ang effect ng safari party -- so festive :)

Gracie said...

hi leah,
thanks so much! :) i'm glad all our effort paid off.

Gracie said...

hello brenda,
i'll PM you the details of my friend's biz here. thanks for the greet and for swinging by!

Vina Alcala said...

Hi gracie, looks like a fun party indeed. Will soon be celebrating my son's 2nd birthday, would you mind sharing your supplier for the photo booth? Appreciate it!

Gracie said...

hi Vina,

you may contact my Shelai Flestado at alehsor(at)gmail(dot)com.

hope this helps :)