Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wish Granted

When my friend went to the Holy Land last June for her birthday (we happen to share the same birthday, by the way), she asked her friends through FB their prayer requests and wishes so she could make petitions while in pilgrimage. I sent her a PM to request two things. And one of those requests was granted to us a couple of months later.  The Lord heard our prayers! 

A few hours after we found out about my grandmother's passing (which were a couple of hours before my flight to Manila, too) we learned that we are pregnant.  Yes, two pink lines gave us a new reason to smile.  It gave us hope that my piece of good news will help easen the pain when I see my family.

all positive

excited little fella

Little Dade will now be a kuya.  As early as now, he kisses my tummy and refers to my belly as "baby".  I'm sure he'll be more excited when he sees it become bigger in just a few more months.

We are very, very happy and couldn't be more thankful for this beautiful blessing.  God is good.  God is good all the time.


Mona said...

congratulations. this great news. sorry to hear of your grandmother's passing. rip.

fleur said...

Congratulations dear!!! OMG! That's great news! =)

shoutingwind said...


irene said...


madammisismummy said...

congratulations, gracie!!
Am so happy for you, ryan and dade!
I hope makauwi pa rin kayo sa December.

Eper said...

Congratulations, Gracie & Ryan! :) So happy for you guys! Kelan kaya kami? ;)

Gracie said...

thanks everyone :) this is an exciting time indeed for all of us.

@ Maqui - yes, we'd still be pushing through with our holidays this Dec.

Abigail - MyNappytales said...

Congratulations! Stay safe.