Monday, September 19, 2011

Sad Goodbye

Last 8 September, on the day of Mother Mary’s birthday, my maternal grandmother peacefully passed away.

I found out while I was at work, and ironically, I was the one who needed comforting than my Mom who broke the news to me. I was kept posted about Nanay’s condition through our cousin’s group in Blackberry Messenger but the finality of it all came through a phone call that I wasn’t looking forward to.  My cousins and I planned on going home to see her before she passes, but we were a day too late. I guess it was meant to be that way so we wouldn’t have to see her state at the hospital. We bid our final goodbyes to her last Tuesday before she was finally laid to rest. All grandchildren and great grandchildren released white helium balloons with words “WE LOVE YOU NANAY”.

She was a wonderful grandmother and a great matriarch.  One of the toughest women I know. We will never, ever forget her.

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