Sunday, June 5, 2011

On His Own

Two weeks ago, we decided to let the little one take another step further towards independence.  After laboring for half a day, I was able to finally fix Dade’s room and allow him to sleep on his own big boy’s bed. It was difficult at first to accept the fact that my baby has now grown into a young boy, but I decided it’s time for him to learn to stay in his own room and sleep on his own bed.  I know that if i prolong his co-sleeping routine with us, it’ll get more difficult to convince him to sleep in his own room later on especially once he learns how to vocally express his protest against it.  So yeah, it’s either now or never.

We did psych ourselves to do this and prepared ourselves mentally, physically and emotionally for this big change.  For 22 months, Dade co-slept with us so it’s also not easy for us to just move him to his own room.  No more baby’s breath, no more kicks and smacks from our little monster in the middle of the night and sadly, no more instant sweet kisses in the morning to wake us up.  Haay!!
A few days prior, we bought a couple of beddings set for the wee one at Ikea.  We chose the colorful patterns with hues similar to the colors seen in Dade’s room so he would be enticed to hop on his bed. So far, that has worked because whenever he feels like checking out the pages of his books, he would sit on his bed on his own without any prodding from us. He also enjoys playing in his own room now so our living room looks a lot less like a daycare center and more of a proper area for us to lounge and relax.

Meanwhile, apart from fixing the bed, we also arranged Dade’s “command center” – a cabinet with a detachable changing table that he’s been using since he was born. Hubby finally took off the changing table, too, so now, all of Dade’s toiletries and other essentials are placed in the cabinet for ease of use.

Here is a pic of Dade’s sleeping area with his favorite plush toy pals.

And here he is in his jammies like an angel fast asleep.

Yeah, big boy indeed. Oh gosh, where did my baby go?


gracita said...

i have this plan to set-up the kids' room end of this year so they will permanently sleep there na. i'll wait for the nov-dec sale of home center nalang :)

where did you buy the... omg, i'm totally blank and forgot what it's called. the thing that prevents them from falling from the bed. where? panget yung sa ikea e :) thanks! :)

madammisismummy said...

ay big boy na talaga!

Gracie said...

hi gracita - bed rail :) i got it from Babyshop when they went on sale. oo nga, wait for the sale 'cos substantial din ang difference from the original price. brand is Tomy.

Gracie said...

hi maqui - indeed! kaka-sad din minsan :(

Crinklynose said...

Agree, big boy na si Dade... big kids na mga kiddos natin... *sniff*

QTbelle said...

i like dade's room, so organised! ako, i gave up. masyado kasi makalat ang anak ko. mana sa tatay! lol

kakaiyak no? parang dati lang, super dependent nila sa atin. ngayon, they insist doing things by themselves!

abigail said...

what a nice room! V is still coSleeping with us and you're right better start early.