Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ice Cream Lover

My little family loves going to Ikea. If there’s one shop in Dubai where we would spend most of our time indoors to window shop and eat at, Ikea is surely on top of our list. Apart from their interesting furniture and home items, we also love their cafeteria and bistro!

Whenever we feel like having a bite in between meals, we hit their bistro located just right across their check-out counters. They serve snacks like chicken shawarma, donut and hotdog on a bun. But this bistro’s best-seller is their vanilla ice cream, which only costs AED 1. Really affordable soft ice cream on a waffle cone, and that is my son’s ultra fave! Just look at these pictures:

The first time we had him eat the soft ice cream all by himself was after his sutures were taken off from his trigger thumb release surgery. It was a treat for him for being such a brave boy. And now, every trip to Ikea merits him a cold, sweet treat. That’s Mom & Dad’s little way of thanking the little fella for being so patient with us ‘cos we take so long in checking out stuff at the store (and we know for a fact that it really bores him! haha!)


madammisismummy said...

I love Ikea too! i can browse their site all day.
how's the thumb?

Gracie said...

@ Maqui - Ikea is love! we never leave the place empty-handed. we always end up buying something from the huge store...hehe! Dade's thumb is working fine now. parang walang nangyari :)