Monday, June 27, 2011

One Fan Day

One fine Saturday afternoon, my family and I went to see our friends who live in the Marina area. But instead of driving all the way there, we decided to leave the car at the Mall of the Emirates and take the Metro so we don’t have to worry about car parking. It was a good plan because our friend’s building is just right next to the JLT station.

Anyway, halfway through our drive, I read a retweet by my friend, K about Martha Stewart’s schedule that afternoon where she will sign magazines at Tavola in Mall of the Emirates. Now I knew the day before that Martha's in town, but I didn’t know about the signing. I tweeted her that morning and didn't read that tweet in my timeline. Well, as expected, I jumped at the opportunity and begged the dear husband to let me queue for an autograph. Thankfully, he obliged (as if he had any choice – haha!)

dream come true

The signing was slated from 2:00 – 3:00 pm, and I got there just in time. The line was from outside the store already, and you could tell that the people who came are real fans who took time to go and see her. Well, most are Moms who are 30 and above...hehe! I queued for about a little over an hour and I was so nervous that i might not make the cut since it was already a few minutes past 3:00pm. Good thing I made it, although unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take a picture with her because the organizers were in a rush by the time I got to the desk. Besides, since I wasn’t prepared, I didn’t have my camera with me so I just used my trusty Blackberry.  I didn’t have any of her magazines either so I just bought from the Filipina SAs who are going around selling the magazines. It was a toss between an Arabic Martha Stewart Everyday Food & MS Weddings Middle East, so of course, I grabbed the English magazine.

Martha Stewart signed this for me:

signing K's mag
my signed mag -- yihee!!

And I got one for my informant, too, who is a much bigger fan (hello, K!):


She’s very nice and super friendly to everyone. She also took time to answer questions thrown in by her fans. I didn’t ask her any question when it was my turn, but this is how our conversation went (as far as I recall):

Me: omg, I can’t believe you’re here! I just tweeted you about the weather this morning & welcomed you to Dubai, and now you’re here in front of me! *super giddy, excited voice*
MS: yeah, here I am! *cheerful voice with a sunny smile*
Me: pardon the heat of our summer.
MS: oh yeah, it is hot here! whew!
Me: thank you so much! enjoy your stay in Dubai!
MS: thank you! and thank you, too for coming!

So yeah, that was my short & sweet fan-to-idol encounter with a Hollywood celebrity & Emmy-nominated Best Host. I’m sure you can tell I'm still that thrilled about the whole thing :)


gracita said...

ako ba yung friend mo who lives in the marina area? :)

Gracie said...

hi gracita,
oo, ikaw yan. natatangi ka :)

abigail said...

Sayang wala kang picture with Martha. She's really nice.