Friday, May 27, 2011

Reminiscing This Year's Easter Egg Hunt

(So sorry for this super late post, but I just had to share this before I accidentally hit the delete button on my drafts folder)

Our Easter egg hunt with the kids was just so much fun I must share it with you.  After all, we only spent like a week to prepare for this activity for the kids, and we believe we pretty much did a good job :)

I think we had about 10 kiddos all in all during that afternoon. They were all game to play so that was easy. The kids hunted the eggs which were scattered and safely hidden within a 15-meter radius from our gazebo. In a matter of minutes, all the eggs were found. Each kid received a prize, of course, courtesy of Aunt H.

little Guianna picking up the egg she found

Karl found one, too!

Dade hesitant to let go of the egg

Get-togethers at the park are always pot-luck fun.  Here are some of the treats the kids, as well as the grown-ups, had:

luscious cupcakes c/o the Ranolas

my corned tuna ala king

delicioso macaroons from the Velosos

hotdogs & pineapple

And here are some of the give-ways the kiddos took home after a tiring afternoon at the park:

egg nuts & bunny mallows

m&m's :)

easter sugar cookies by the hubby

bunny chocolates

We would happily take on any excuse to go to the park and just relax.  And going for an egg hunt just doubled the fun!  For next year, we'll make sure it will be another happy one for the kids.

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