Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Master Baker

Hubby got his baking mojo back, and I couldn't be happier!  Since our new cooker with oven was installed over a week ago, he has baked 3 times already (not minding the sleepless nights). One batch was for my colleague who was leaving the company, while two batches were paid orders – 384 pieces of butterscotch bites given as tokens for a kiddie birthday party by a good friend and 100 pieces of chocolate crinkles for home consumption by a local colleague. Wow, right? The husband is saving up for a Mac Mini so his earnings went straight to his technological update fund. He’s super happy! :)

Everyone tells me how extremely lucky I am to have someone who can bake for me at a drop of a hat. Well, not really. Sometimes I have to bribe him you know, haha! I'm super proud of him! As a supportive wife, I do my best to show my appreciation and I try as much as I can to purchase the essential baking tools and equipment he needs.  Like for instance, a few birthdays ago, I got him this mean machine:

Kitchenaid Artisan in matte grey hue.  Looks like concrete & oh, so masculine!

And then just last year, I got him this weighing scale:

the better to weigh you, my dear!

Plus this rolling pin:

the better to whack you, er, roll the dough with my dear!

And this baking mat:

silicone mat

Then last month, this spanking new cooker with convection oven:

an Ariston cooker -- dream come true!

If there’s one thing that I contribute to the baking bit he does is that I do the packing! Yep, I am the master motherpacker in our household! :D I wrap, I jar, I box!  The good side of it is that I get to choose how his baked goodies are handed over and presented to his customers. with our collection of boxes, cellophanes and goody bags I hoarded from Chocolate Lover in Manila, not to mention my growing collection of ribbons from satin to the grosgrain kind, he never fails to make a good impression on his goods. So yeah, I do support him in every way I know possible.

Oh, and did I tell you I'm his guinea pig, too? Yup, motherpacker na, taste-tester pa!


madammisismummy said...

pasample naman!
have you been to bakemaster's in sucat? that is where i bought my baking paraphernalia. i think i have a pic of the price list for boxes. PM me na lang if you need.

Gracie said...

hi maqui,

of course! pag-uwi namin dyan. i owe you a recipe pa eh :P yep, we've been to Bakemaster's in Sucat once. that's where my SIL buys her stash, too kasi nearer compared sa Chocolate Lover. we go to CL lang 'pag umuuwi sa amin since on the way naman to Nova. sige, pahingi na rin ng price ng boxes. naintriga si hubby. sya pa nag-call ng attention ko na di ko pa nasagot yung comment mo :) hehe!

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