Monday, March 14, 2011

Of Flea Markets and Bubble Baths

Last Friday, I tagged along with friends G and H when they leased a stall at the Dubai Flea Market in Uptown Mirdif. They sold some used stuff such as clothes, shoes, belts, hats, toys and other baby items. I, on the other hand, sold some chocolate crinkles and butterscotch bites baked by my hubby. I also showcased a couple of nappy cakes and gave out cards for those who wish to order. Flea market is not exactly the place to go to when selling this kind of stuff because the buyers would think the price is too steep (and they did!). I wasn’t actually expecting to sell anything – I just joined ‘cos it seems fun and I had nothing better to do on a Friday afternoon.

market sellers

Meanwhile, hubby’s butterscotch bites were a hit!  They were a crowd pleaser, just as I expected. A few boxes were left of the chocolate crinkles, which didn’t go to waste since the little boy and the big boy ate them for snacks yesterday.

I was pooped after the flea market stint because it was a bit hot that afternoon. I think the lovely winter weather has stretched itself too much that it could no longer hit end of March at least. Just thinking about the summer weather here is already giving me the shudders!

Saturday was spent with my two boys at home. We had a grand time bumming around doing absolutely nothing. Oh, oh, it was pure bliss, haha! Since we had a lot of time in our hands to just dilly dally, I gave the wee one his very first bubble bath. I made use of his tub which thank goodness still fits him. For the bath, I used the California Baby Bubble Bath in lavender for that relaxing feel. I also gave him 2 rubber duckies for him to play with.

He was disoriented when I soaked him in the tub filled with bubbles. It was so strange to him he gave me that panic-stricken look. He warmed up to it shortly after we started blowing bubbles at him and taking a few snapshots.

To cap off our lazy day, we went to the nearest Caribou Coffee shop where hubby and I got our strawberry banana smoothie fix that I was actually craving for days now.

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Crinklynose said...

aheee, sarap naman. it's been a while since we last had lazy weekends such as yours...

cute ni dade as usual :) i love california baby stuff!! it's good that dade enjoyed his bubble bath :)

goodluck sa new found stress reliever mo sis :) i'm sure you're going to go far with that :) take care!!!