Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The New Ride

After careful thought and consideration, the husband and I decided to finally put the Quinny Buzz stroller to rest for the next baby (although I am not preggy yet, just to set the record straight) and get a new one for our little boy’s current use. We’re concerned he might end up wrecking the stroller because he is so active now, even when seated. Since we invested on a pricey but super stable stroller, which thank goodness came as a gift, we thought it’s best to maximize its use 'til the next baby.

So last weekend, off we went to Babyshop to get him a new Quinny Zapp during their weekend bonanza sale. We were extremely happy with this purchase because we were able to use our Mashreqbank WOW points and we only threw in a couple hundred dirhams to buy the item. Quite a steal, right?

One thing we liked about the Zapp is that it is sturdier compared to most umbrollers. We were contemplating on getting a Maclaren Quest or Triumph because it is much more compact but considering Dade’s fussiness in the stroller, we decided against it. Hubby was very pleased at how the Zapp folds compared to the Buzz. We now have more than enough space at the back of our car. whoppee!! traveling will be a lot more easier for us. It’s also quite easy to maneuver – I can even use just one hand. The new Zapp models no longer have the carry bag, but it does have the shopping basket now, which is more important for us.

pensive look

Above is a recent snapshot of the little boy in his new rebel red ride taken last Saturday in front of Ikea. We were then waiting for his Ninang B who promised to get him a table and chair set as a super advanced birthday pressie. He looks impatient here, I know but as soon as Ninang B arrived, he was back to his sweet, pa-cute self.

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