Monday, March 7, 2011

Liven Up The Candle

Apart from my interest in making diaper cakes, I also decorate candles for occasions such as Christening. I like turning ordinary looking candles into the special looking ones because for me, they are a significant symbol of commitment by the godparents to become second parents to their godchild.

The first one I made was for my goddaughter, Zoei Armay. Her motif was pink & brown.  I also decorated the basket, which I bought from a flower shop in Karama.

lovely pink and brown combo

The next batch of candles I decorated was for Hannah. Her motif was the popular pink & brown combination, as well. They also incorporated polka dots in the invite so I decided to get some satin flowers with white polka dot prints. Luckily, I got them at a steal price from my suki in Satwa.

another pink & brown set

The latest batch of candles I spruced up was for my goddaughter, Amara Andrea. I was challenged by the motif of fuchsia pink and orange, but I'm so glad i was able to scour some nice materials. Glad the candles looked elegant-looking afterwards.

bright, summery colors

Funny that even my friend from the US also inquired about shipping the candles from here all the way to Seattle.  I am so flattered!

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