Monday, February 28, 2011

The Wee One's New Buddy

Dade has a new friend. His name is Chip.  He is an adorable monkey who tags along with Dade whenever we’re out and about.  He helps us keep Dade safe especially now that he frequently skips the use of his stroller and prefers to walk instead.  Next to Ernie, Chip is his favorite plush toy to lug around.

sorry for the blurred photo -- this kid is just too fast for us!

Chip in a Box

Chip was a birthday present from Ninang S, my dearest cousin who adores him so much. Whenever we use this harness at the mall, we always get asked where we got it from. Unfortunately, Eddie Bauer harnesses are not locally available here.  My cousin got it from the US when she did some online shopping for her baby (she’s due to give birth anytime soon, by the way).

Hubby and I love Chip but it is Dade who loves him the most.  He hugs and kisses him whenever he sees him inside the car and he’s always so excited to wear him.  He thinks it’s more of a toy than a harness to restrain him, which is good for us.

Thank you, Ninang S for this great gift!


madammisismummy said...

we need one too!
Gracie, just curious, bakit two in one? Are there special features?

Gracie said...

hi Maqui,
two in one kasi it can also be a backpack. there's a small pocket sa monkey for some small stuff for your child. we usually put Dade's biscuits there.