Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Stress Buster

Friends, let me share with you one of the things that help me unleash my creative side and relieve my stress from the juggling act that i do on a daily basis.

I humbly present my nappy cakes -- given as baby shower and just-given-birth gifts:

the Sarah Jane cake

the Amara diaper cake

the Zoe diaper cake

the Reese diaper cake

I've long wanted to take a stab at creating nappy cakes but never got the chance to finally try it until i came here to Dubai.  For one, diapers are way cheaper here than from back home so buying a huge pack is not as heavy on the pocket. It's a good thing baby items are also abound and a lot more affordable, too.  The downside though is that there are very limited ribbons and decors to find here.  That's my challenge.

Here is the first ever nappy cake I've ever sold to a colleague who asked me to make one for her when her friend had her first baby.

I hope to be able to make more and play with more colors.  I want to make a rubber duckie-themed nappy cake one of these days and I hope someone gets preggy so I'd have an excuse to assemble one, hihi! 


Crinklynose said...

how fun sis :)

madammisismummy said...

weeeeee! am so happy for you gracie.
how i wish meron rin akong stressbuster!