Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dade’s First Storytelling Experience

(Not that I don’t make an effort to sit with Dade and have our storytelling sessions before going to bed!  This one was his first with other kids around.) 

I cannot believe I actually forgot to blog about this!  I was looking at my P&S camera photos when I suddenly saw these pictures taken last September.  Expect to see a lot of super delayed posts from hereon, lol. 

My friend H handed me over an invitation from Ralph Lauren to come and attend their storytelling session at Dubai Mall last September (sounds like ages ago!).  The storytelling was done in time for the opening of classes. We went after Dade’s Kindermusik class (which I have to blog about, too!), and boy, was it so much fun!  My little munchkin was the youngest who came and he did charm everyone in the store. Here he is being carried by the Marketing Manager of Ralph Lauren who was so enamored by him:

watching the short RL clip 

Apart from the storytelling session, there was also some sort of a treasure hunt game where the kids would need to find stickers shaped of an apple, a baseball glove and a dog paw. Once completed, each kid would get a goody bag with a storybook inside.

map for the treasure hunt
freebie!  a Ralph Lauren story book 

My little boy enjoyed his time immensely.  He walked around the cozy store with a happy smile, waving hello to everyone who was passing by. He particularly liked this chair and kept coming back to sit on it for like every 5 minutes. 
sitting comfortably like a boss

Because I was so busy, I didn’t get a chance to sample the canap├ęs and mocktail drinks served for the parents. Daddy Ryan didn't join us inside because he was guarding the stroller with our stuff outside. Oh well, my toddler, like any other, is truly a handful so that was expected already. what’s important is that he had loads of fun.  I bet this picture will prove that:

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