Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Updates on Dadelicious

Just a quick update on the wee one before the year finally folds.

We realized that Dade isn’t exactly fond of the waters. It took him more than 20 minutes to pacify himself the last time he went for a swim with his Ninang B.  Poor Ninang B had to get in the floater with him.  When he had finally warmed, the boy wouldn’t stop splashing water.  We took it as a sign that he’s no longer afraid. Yes, we could bring him to go swimming again soon!

Dade gets really pissed when he’s hungry, that much I can tell you.  Just look at this face – taken at P.F. Chang’s Bistro.

He was able to finish 2 pieces of chicken dimsum and lots of spoonfuls of rice and spinach. He's also learned to let us know if he’s hungry by tugging at our clothing (it’s so cute when he tugs at our shorts when at home!) Dade’s also learning sign language now (thanks to Mandy’s birthday pressie for him) to avoid any tantrums when he cannot express himself properly.

Techie boy
My little one knows how to switch on my iPad, unlock the screen, swipe his fingers through the screen and play his Sesame Street videos all by himself.  Seriously!  He practically plays with my toy more than I do. Oh, and he also knows how to play Fruit Ninja and scores combos randomly.

Milk Intake 

Dade still drinks 4 cups of 6 oz milk in a day. He eats solids at least twice a day with cookies and fruits in between. This is a picture of him drinking his milk while we were having coffee at the mall. 

Dumping stuff
We noticed how Dade grabs stuff by his hand and then dumps it in a bag, box or bin.  One time we were supposed to leave the house to go somewhere and I was desperately trying to find his other shoe.  My Dad, who was here then on a holiday, suggested that he might have put it in the paper bag for disposal.  True enough, the missing pair was there! Goodness!

Now look what I found in my purse the other day.

My son is very frugal when it comes to giving a smile or stifling a giggle. So it is a big deal for us when we see him give a warm grin or a hearty laughter spontaneously.  Like this picture for instance.

We were at Mercato Mall then, and we sat for a while as I spoke to Dad on the phone. Out of boredom, he and Ryan played with the silicone cups we bought from Tavola.  He would grab the bunch of silicone cups and shoot them in the paper bag, after which, the Dad would cheer him on.  He had so much fun doing it, he was laughing his heart out the whole time.

Come January 1st, Dade will be turn 17 months. So far he’s mastered kissing the hand (pagmamano) and give us kisses to make lambing.  He’s also trying to speak a few words, and sometimes babbles to us as if telling us a story.  He still co-sleeps with us, which I have to admit is the best part of my day because we get to cuddle a lot especially now that the weather is nippy and all we ever wanna do is stay in bed.  I really am savoring these moments before he grows up feeling binata na and all.


Eper said...

Love getting updates on sweet little Dade :) Keep 'em coming!

Vanniedosa said...

happy new year gracie! i had fun reading dade's updates ;) he's so big na. same as jacob, he gets that face when hungry (and he's always hungry!)