Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Baby Can Sign!

When Dade turned one, my friend Mandy gifted him with a Baby Sign Language book.  It came with a fridge magnet that shows 4 basic signs that are commonly used, and we’ve placed it in the kitchen where we can find the magnet instantly and refer to.  I was ecstatic because I wanted my little boy to learn how to sign.  I got interested in baby signing after I learned its benefits -- can help the kids learn how to speak and expand their vocabulary, more advanced mental development, and enhanced parent-child relationships. But what made me buy the idea is the reduction of tantrums out of frustration (because the parent or caregiver cannot comprehend what the baby wants or feels).

Last night on our way home from the mall, our darling Dade signed “eat” to my delight. I fed him a huge jar of Hipp Pasta Twists with Courgette & Mozzarella and he finished it in no time. He was in a happy mood while eating because I was able to quickly tend to his need. No more clothes tugging and crying because we can now communicate properly when he’s hungry and wants to be fed.

I have to give credit to my husband who has been teaching Dade how to sign. He’s always been good with kids, and now he’s putting that gift to good use.  He teaches patiently to Dade which is why it’s not a surprise that the little one learned all his tricks from his Dad.  I’m sure my husband is quite happy that he’s the first to discover the many new things that our little boy does.