Thursday, December 9, 2010

Dade's (and hubby's) First Metro ride

Dubai's own railway system opened September of last year. However, it took us months before we finally had a chance to ride it because we didn’t find any reason to take it in the first place. My first ride was around May, and I was with my cousin S. We took it from Mall of the Emirates to her apartment, 21st Century Tower which is just right in front of the Financial Centre Station (yep, a 10-minute walk from my office building).

Last month, we were invited to come celebrate our friends’ daughter’s 6th month birthday at their flat in Dubai Marina. Ryan and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take the train with the little one since the JBR Station is just right next to our friends’ building.  And since it’s difficult to get a parking spot at Dubai Marina, we thought of taking the Metro and just leave our car in a mall in the other side of town.

Here’s a picture of our wee one on our way to JBR station:

The trip was long, I tell ya! It took us 45 minutes from Deira City Centre Station to JBR Station, which would normally take a little over 20 minutes by car at the maximum speed limit. It has a lot of stops so you can tell the little boy became fussy towards the middle of the ride. Despite our level best to entertain him with the view outside, he still insisted on getting off my lap and walking around, which we prevented him to do so and much to his dismay!

We were relieved when we finally had to get off our stop because the boy was annoyed already.  Good thing he was entertained by the walkalator so he was back to his usual self before we arrived at our destination.

The ride back went way smoothly because Dade was already tired then. but before he fell asleep, I took this picture of him and the Daddy as a little keepsake.

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