Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas goodies

…for my team, that is.

Since I joined the company, it’s always been a custom for me to give out Christmas goodies to my team mates.  After the restructure of our company around mid of this year, my team was merged with another sector so I had new team mates who by the way are the coolest people ever!

My hubby toiled late last night to prepare 3 kinds of baked treats to go to the goody bag – butterscotch, chocolate crinkles and gingerbread cookies. We have a stash of boxes bought from Chocolate Lover in Manila during our trip last year, which we made use of during this festive season.  I just added a red organza ribbon to tie the handles and placed a gift tag on each of the bag with handwritten names of my team mates.

For my two friends at the LD, I gave each of them a jar of individually wrapped butterscotch. I just added a red ribbon to the jar I got from Ikea to give it some flair.  I like it that the jar has some stars printed around it so it gave the gift a more Christmas-sy look. The cellophane to wrap the square-cut butterscotch were from Chocolate Lover from Manila, as well.  I am so glad we hoarded these items during our vacation last year. You can never find these kind of stuff here in Dubai, and if you do, they are priced really high. so it does pay to stock up on hard-to-find items, especially for packaging purposes.

I am delighted that they loved my simple gift.  It’s just amusing how some of them don’t want to open their boxes yet because they are saving them for the weekend.  And when they do see someone munching on a cookie already, they would ask for a small pinch to taste.  Talk about being greedy with their treats, haha!


Eper said...

You are sooo lucky to have a husband who loves cooking and baking! :)

Gracie said...

indeed, Eper! almost everyone says so :)