Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quick Catch Up

My goodness! It's almost mid-November and I haven't even had the chance to blog about anything since the month started.  Am I that busy?

Anyway, as the world watches Pacman & Margarito fight today, I'd take a few minutes to write something short about how we are doing right now.

Dade's newfound friends

Last month, we visited Bessie B's new apartment, and we were thrilled to have finally met the dogs she's babysitting for her friends.  At first, we were concerned about Dade getting near the dogs because even if they're generally small in size, they could still knock him over, you know.  Good thing both Fritz and Alma are more on the gentle side.  It took Dade only a few minutes to warm up to them, and before we knew it, they were friends already.

three stoogies

We'll be hanging out at B's place tomorrow 'cos our long holiday is coming up (Eid Al Adha), but we heard from her that she already returned the dogs 'cos their Daddy has already come home.  Sadly, no doggies tomorrow to play with but we'll go swimming instead :)

The favorite toy

Dade's best buddy is Ernie.  My SIL bought this plush toy when she shopped for prizes and give-aways for his birthday party.  He loves this toy to bits!  It's so cute whenever we see him walking around the house lugging Ernie around.

little bub & Ernie

Oral hygiene

When Dade had his 15th month vaccination, his pedia reminded us about the wee one’s oral hygiene.  We were happy to tell him that we have been brushing his teeth since the first ones erupted.  Now that he’s a bit bigger, I got him a more befitting BPA-free toothbrush from Mam from the Softlanding.  We got the toothbrush cover from Babyshop, and his Earth’s Best toothpaste from Healthy Options in Manila.

oral care

I’m glad the little boy has no qualms about brushing his teeth.  In fact, the other day when I was changing his nappy from his “command center”, he grabbed the toothbrush, took out the cover and almost put the toothbrush in his mouth.  I just hope he’ll have the same enthusiasm when it’s time for him to face the dental chair the first time.

flowers, swan and a halloween pumpkin

Balloon makingMy husband has this thing about balloons.  Last month, our godchild, Zoei celebrated her first birthday here in Dubai, and we helped make some balloons for the ladybug and bumblebee party theme.  While practicing at home, these are what he had made so far:

And for the party, this is what he’s done:


I'm proud that the hubby also has this artistic side in him.  It makes me happy that I have a supportive partner when it comes to my arts and crafts.  Truth is when I stumble upon a road block while I’m working on my arts and crafts stuff, he’s always there to suggest a solution.

Starbucks ice cream
yep, you heard that right.  Not only does Starbucks venture into creating coffee concoctions, but they also sell ice cream under their famed name. But these creamy-licious sweets are only available in supermarkets, stocked right next to Ben & Jerry’s, Baskin’ Robbins and Haagen Daazs.  We tried the caramel macchiato flavor which rocked my tastebuds the first time its first spoonful laid into my mouth. Yum-o!!

ice cream heaven!

Christmas shopping
I am proud to say that we’re 95% done with our Christmas shopping.  We started real early, like around August if I remember it correctly.  We took advantage of all the promotions we’ve seen around the malls, and we’re pretty lucky we scored a lot of pretty good stuff, especially for the kids.  Last week, we’ve also sent our cargo box for our families back home. I hope they come in time for the holidays.

Now all I need to do is put up the Christmas tree so I can start wrapping ‘em gifts. But first, I need to find 800 white rice lights for my tree.  And so the hunt begins!


So there, a bit of an update from my side after weeks of being so quiet. I have so much stuff to blog about, and I hope to be able to do that during the Eid break. We’re getting 4 days off so that’s a very long weekend for me…hooray!!

'Til next time, folks!  Take care.


AEC said...

wow! you have the best husband! he's very creative & he cooks pa! :)

Vanniedosa said...

I want to try this!!:)

Gracie said...

@ Mandy - thank you! he reads my blog & the comments, too so i'm sure palakpak tenga yan. haha!

@ Vannie - go, go, go!!!