Monday, November 29, 2010

Head Bang

This year has been tough on me, physically. I caught flu twice, and had a UTI attack once. And just last week, I had to go and see a doctor because I was having frequent terrible headaches.

But among my trips to the ER this year, the most recent one was the worst. I was so nervous because the doctor ordered a CT Scan the same day. Now i know a lot of hospitals take advantage of the health insurance coverage of their patients by ordering several procedures that they don’t necessarily require, but I don’t mind at all especially if that procedure is needed to rule out certain illnesses.  However, it’s not reassuring to hear that you’d be subjected to a CT Scan when you’re suffering from a massive headache that isn’t going away.

that hospital tag
Here’s how the intimidating machine looks like:

It didn’t take that long but I was super nervous the whole time.  I asked my boys to go home and leave me there because I didn’t want them to wait that long for the procedure and results.

I was relieved when the doctor told me my CT Scan results were negative.  Diagnosis was migraine, and I was asked to see a neurologist within the same week for follow up. The neurologist said the same thing but he was able to point out why I get my migraine attacks, and it’s all because of stress.  I also have tension headaches to top it all off.  I now officially belong to the group of people suffering from this incurable, debilitating curse. This is karma’s way of letting me know that migraine is serious, and shouldn’t be used out of context.

Just the same, I'm so glad it’s just migraine and not something else. I'm quite thankful it can be prevented and is easily manageable with the right meds, healthy diet (goodbye chocolates, Chinese food & cheeses) and proper sleep.

I just hope there'll be no ER trips again for the rest of the year and the coming years, as well.  I cannot afford to get sick again and I don't ever want to have this kind of scare anytime soon!


madammisismummy said...

am sorry to hear that you have migraine.
naku dapat matuto ng mag head massage si ryan. hehehe

Crinklynose said...

oh no sis! hope you'd find time to take a break sometime to lessen the stress... it's good it's nothing to be alarmed of... just take care of yourself, ok? your boys need you to be healthy :)

Gracie said...

@ maqui - oo nga eh. i was really bawling like a baby then, but his head massage helped make me feel better.

@ berns - thanks sweetie!! my next holiday will be in 3 weeks' time. i can't wait already!