Thursday, October 14, 2010

Blackberry Is Love

Ok, first thing's first. Blackberry is here to stay. Hooray!!

Let me give you the lowdown on that.  last August while on holiday in Manila, i got a BB Message from my bessie B saying that the TRA in the UAE announced the cancellation of the services of the Blackberry Internet Service (BIS) effective October 11.  We were all shocked and disappointed learning about this piece of news.  You see, a lot of people in the UAE, whether business people or not, are subscribed to BIS.  It makes it easy for people to communicate with one another, and chatting through BB Messenger is just the best thing ever in mobile phone technology :)

Anyhoo, we’re just soooo glad the ban was lifted at the eleventh hour.  And what better way to celebrate that than a complimentary coffee, doughnut, loyalty card and a Blackberry skin courtesy of Research in Motion and Caribou Coffee (yay, Canadian peeps!).  This promotion will run for 3 Thursdays in a row at the DIFC, Dubai Mall and Mall of the Emirates branches of Caribou.

I got my freebies this morning, and it sure did wake me up! Now i have this cheery self walking around the halls at work with my ponytail bouncing like a cheerleader’s.  See, told you I’m a sucker for freebies, haha!

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Faye said...

nice phone!:) I love caribou too!:)