Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poor Yumi

fender bender damaged again :(

For the first time since my husband started driving, he got into an accident he caused. It was last Thursday, a day before Dade's birthday party.  He was on his way then to pick me up from work. It totally freaked me out when I learned that he unconsciously swerved to the right lane and bumped the van in front of him because he fell asleep while driving!  Goodness gracious indeed! Thank God no one was hurt, and that the damage was just minor on both vehicles.  Thankfully Dade wasn't with him when it happened.  My Dad was in town then for a visit so he babysat the little one when Ryan went to fetch me.

We're so grateful we have a reliable insurance company that will take care of most of the expenses.  Once the car goes for repair in the shop, we will have a private car to use for 10 days or until the car gets all fixed, which is included in our coverage.  That saves us a lot of rent-a-car money so it's a pretty wise choice, I tell you :)

But still, the expenses and the traffic fine are ok with us as long as everybody's safe. To my husband's guardian angel, thank you for looking after him.  


Crinklynose said...

OMG! Thank God everyone's safe sis!

It must have freaked you out when you found out what happened. Good thing Dade wasn't with Ryan that time as well.

Yes, let's thank our angels for always protecting us and our loved ones.

kelly said...

glad he's safe! and i hope he doesn't fall asleep behind the wheel again! (patulugin mo naman kasi pa-minsan-minsan eh :D )

Joanne MV said...

good thing no one is hurt...god is really good