Monday, September 27, 2010

Free Coffee at Caffe Nero

This UK coffee chain has opened it's shop in our centre, and so one Thursday early evening, the husband and I decided to give their coffee a try.  I had vouchers for the buy one free one coffee so in case we get disappointed, at least we know we didn't pay for two cups and instead just wasted our money on one...haha!

We ordered Mocha Frappe Latte and Caramel Frappe Latte.  What’s different about their cold coffee is that they have ready-flavored coffee in their chiller, which you just have to grab. You bring it to the counter to pay, and then they will blend it for you with ice.  I personally didn’t like it because it doesn’t have that texture, and it felt like I was just drinking cold, thick coffee.

Anyway, free coffee is still free coffee, so what the heck!  I still have two vouchers good until November so maybe we’ll try & order other variants they have on our next visit.

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