Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Crystal Clear

I already had four people asking me this morning if I’m ok.  They said I haven’t been my usual self lately.  They don’t see me smile anymore, they hardly hear me laugh, and they just observed how quietly I work in my little corner.

It’s hard to take a short deep breath and pretend to say that you are ok when you are in fact not.  Sorry, I really just can’t hide what i feel.  I’m a transparent, what-you-see-is-what-you-get person.  It’s not my nature to say something and then show a different face.

I wish things would turn out ok for me in the next coming days.  Even I miss the sound of my cheerful voice.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sad Musing

Ok, first two posts for the day and it’s all about satisfying the stomach.  Sorry, I’ve been struggling to get some nice thoughts out of my system.  Truth is I’ve been wanting so badly to let out some steam.

Sometimes life can be really unfair.  I don’t normally complain about my life in general, but the way things are going for me at this stage, I feel that I’ve now reached a saturation point.  I am exhausted and frustrated beyond words.  I don’t think randomly shedding a tear or two in between doing something is healthy anymore.  I have to do something NOW lest I want to succumb to depression and later on to nervous breakdown (yipes!)

I just hope in the next coming weeks, things will improve.  I need to see some signs of progress because I don’t want to see myself going through this for a very long time. No one else can help me other than myself.  I guess I better claim for the best and pray that everything else will fall into place.

I keep reminding myself that I am too blessed to be stressed. I'll just immerse myself in happy thoughts until I drown.  That is way better than drowning in misery, right?

Free Coffee at Caffe Nero

This UK coffee chain has opened it's shop in our centre, and so one Thursday early evening, the husband and I decided to give their coffee a try.  I had vouchers for the buy one free one coffee so in case we get disappointed, at least we know we didn't pay for two cups and instead just wasted our money on one...haha!

We ordered Mocha Frappe Latte and Caramel Frappe Latte.  What’s different about their cold coffee is that they have ready-flavored coffee in their chiller, which you just have to grab. You bring it to the counter to pay, and then they will blend it for you with ice.  I personally didn’t like it because it doesn’t have that texture, and it felt like I was just drinking cold, thick coffee.

Anyway, free coffee is still free coffee, so what the heck!  I still have two vouchers good until November so maybe we’ll try & order other variants they have on our next visit.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Quick Pick Me Upper

A compliment in the morning can always start your day with a smile.  Hearing people say how nice your outfit looks on you or how your make up blends well with your skin color can totally make your day.  But my most favorite compliment of all is hearing people (yes -- men, women & in between) say they love my shoes.  I get all cheery and giddy excited! (yep, i'm that shallow, too, haha!)

Yesterday, I wore my purple shoes from Zara to match my lavender top & black pencil skirt. But today, since I’m wearing my navy blue dress (which i got from Unica Hija from back home), I decided to break in my new pair of navy peep toe pumps from my favorite store, Zara.  Even before the clock hit 9:00 o’clock this morning, I already got 5 compliments for my new pumps. And you wouldn’t believe these people: they ask me if I get my shoes from the Philippines! Yes, they think shoes made from my home country are among those with nicest styles they’ve seen (whoopee!!)

my new 4.5 inch pumps :)

I just LOVE shoes!  If you’re a frequent visitor of my blog, you’ll know how wound up I get whenever there’s a new shoe purchase.  Double excited if I get them at a steal price. I may not have bought my first Manolo, Choo or Louboutin yet, but I promise to own a pair of each in this lifetime. Better check out the Brands For Less and see if there’s a treasure I can find in there :) 

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Poor Yumi

fender bender

...is damaged again :(

For the first time since my husband started driving, he got into an accident he caused. It was last Thursday, a day before Dade's birthday party.  He was on his way then to pick me up from work. It totally freaked me out when I learned that he unconsciously swerved to the right lane and bumped the van in front of him because he fell asleep while driving!  Goodness gracious indeed! Thank God no one was hurt, and that the damage was just minor on both vehicles.  Thankfully Dade wasn't with him when it happened.  My Dad was in town then for a visit so he babysat the little one when Ryan went to fetch me.

We're so grateful we have a reliable insurance company that will take care of most of the expenses.  Once the car goes for repair in the shop, we will have a private car to use for 10 days or until the car gets all fixed, which is included in our coverage.  That saves us a lot of rent-a-car money so it's a pretty wise choice, I tell you :)

But still, the expenses and the traffic fine are ok with us as long as everybody's safe. To my husband's guardian angel, thank you for looking after him.  

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quick Catch Up

Trying to share some snippets of what has happened so far with our little boy. Now that he is officially a toddler, it was time for us to upgrade our reference book.  Goodbye, the first year...hello the toddler years.

i'm a What To Expect fan

We are suckers for Earth's Best products.  My little boy loves their cereal, teething biscuits, bottled food and toothpaste :)  I just hope our local organic store would bring in more choices for the consumers like me.

Despite Earth's Best being a proud sponsor of Sesame Street, our little boy is not particularly enamored with Elmo.  Just look at the expression on his face:

not too happy with Elmo

A few days later, this is what he did to the poor thing:

Dade, what did you dooooo???!!!

In other news, I went shopping the other day for a couple of new clothes for work.  I found this pair of shoes at a bargain price.

my new Barney-colored shoes, haha!!

from AED 195 to AED 170 -- how can you resist that?

Tomorrow is Dade's party here in Dubai, and I can't wait already (talk about being overly excited!) Stories are in order next week.