Friday, June 18, 2010

Irked To The Bones

A few weeks ago, our family went to the newest mall in town, the Mirdiff City Centre.  It was a Thursday evening after work so we decided to unwind, and what better way to loosen up after a busy workweek than to stroll around the mall and window shop.  We also checked out some stuff at the E-Max store where I let the husband drool over the accessories, gadgets and gizmos abound. He didn't leave empty-handed as he got himself a Hoya circular polarizer for the camera.

Anyway, as we were moving along from one store to another, something totally unexpected happened.  Out of nowhere came this local lady who darted to my son while he was strapped on to his stroller and planted a big kiss on his cheek -- with full hot pink lipstick on!  Husband and I were too shocked to move we just stood there frozen not knowing how to react.  Deep inside, I was soooo pissed and at the same time stunned so I just gave her my severest dagger look.  She looked like she was sorry for doing so and gave me an apologetic smile.  I looked away and focused my eyes on my poor li'l boy who almost got smothered by the lady's headgear.

cutesy boy who was stolen a kiss
cheeky smile

Ok, I get it that people find our baby adorable but we don't appreciate total strangers kissing him.  We consider ourselves kind of lenient already because we let him be touched on his feet, leg, arm, and sometimes even on his hand and face.  But no kissing please!!

So what did we do afterwards?  Thank goodness for hand sanitizers and baby wipes -- they come in quite handy.  I just hope next time this doesn't happen ever again!


em said...

I can sooo relate. A local woman (Bruneian) was telling me how cute my baby is then suddenly she just took (more like grabbed) my little girl from me. She didnt ask for permission. From then on, I always hold my baby super tight, praning na baka andun na naman yung girl.

Andrea Mella said...

grace, mukhang good boy si dade. angelic eyes.

Vanniedosa said...

oh noh!

i can't blame her though, dade is growing up to be such a heart breaker.

look at those cheeks!!!

*virtual pinch!*
don't get mad =))

madammisismummy said...

owmygawd! I probably have given the lady a push if I were in your place. I hate it when people I dont know try to carry my son. What more a stolen kiss with lipstick pa!
This is probably a preview of the future. Get ready to drive away the girls.:P

Gracie said...

@ Em - weird no? some people just don't get it. walang respect sa privacy ng ibang tao. it's so disturbing!

Gracie said...

hi Drea,
mukha lang mabait yan...haha! :) seriously, he's mabait with other people pero sa amin hindi!

Gracie said...

hi vannie,
ok lang heartbreaker ang baby ko -- basta ako muna ang only woman in his life...haha! ok lang ang virtual pinch sa 'kin...basta pa-virtual pinch din sa cute little boys mo :P

Gracie said...

hi neva,
i was shocked talaga! i couldn't do anything! we're flattered that people find our son cute, but no kissing or touching naman sana, di ba?