Monday, May 17, 2010

Not A Cookie Monster (Yet)

Our little Dade, like any other baby his age, usually puts stuff in his mouth.  It doesn’t matter if it’s his pacifier, his toy or the corner of any pillow – he just puts things in his mouth and chews on them.  But the one thing that he doesn’t like are his cookies and rusks. Boo!

We posted a funny video of him on Facebook where he almost gagged at the taste of the rusk in his mouth.  Actually, we think he’s more averse of the texture than the flavor.  For two months, we tried feeding him with the same teething rusks for snacks (they don’t come cheap, by the way), but we just couldn’t bring him to like it. We were always unsuccessful :(

Last Saturday, we went to the Organics Store for their monthly 3rd Saturday sale. Everything was at 20% off, including baby food.  Apart from the vegetables and jarred food of Hipp & Earth’s Best in our shopping cart, we also bought him this box of milk cookies, which we hoped he would at least try and suck on.  And whaddaya know, he liked it!

Way to go, Dade! Now at least you have these cookies to alternate with fruits during snacktime.


Eper said...

Can you believe I haven't given Quino cookies? I'm so scared he'll bite off a big piece and choke...Am I too paranoid?

Mona said...

hi. i'm a dubai-based mom to two as well. i used to buy organix stuff for my daughter at megamart when she was a baby but now i can't seem to find it anywhere.
i'm so glad to hear that it's available in Organic Foods and Cafe. This is the one at Dubai Mall? And is the 3rd Saturday of the month sale every month?
I'm also looking for Earth's Best stuff because I'm fast running out of the stock my sister bought me from the States.
Dade's a real cutie, btw!

Gracie said...

hi Eper,
i was like that, too before. but i guess you'll just have to closely supervise na lang.

Gracie said...

hi Mona,
yes, you can get the Organix & Earth's Best stuff at Organic Store in Dubai Mall. and they do have that monthly sale in there where baby stuff are also included :)
glad to be of help.
thanks! :)

Mona said...

thanks again gracie. i wanted to make it to the store yesterday but couldn't. oh well!
btw, i blog @!

Jacqui Co-Soriano said...

hi gracie,

want to try the cookies for migo, but we don't have organix store here in manila.

would you know if this is available in manila? where?

super thanks!! :)

Gracie said...

hi Mona,
thanks for sharing your link. i'll add you to my blogs to visit, if you don't mind.

Gracie said...

hi Jacqui,
not sure if they sell these stuff there, but maybe you can try Rustan's Supermarket. they sell organic stuff na rin apart from Healthy Options.