Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dade's 9th Month Pictorial

During Dade’s 9th month celebration, his Ninong A (and family) came to our little nook and took photos of him.  Armed with studio umbrellas and other lighting paraphernalia, he set up a mini-studio for the little one, and took these adorable photos:

Lay-out was courtesy of my SIL, Karen.

Would you believe we had to have him watch his own videos to make him smile?  Our boy surely has a good amount of narcissism in his blood I must say, haha!


Crinklynose said...

hi dade, you're so adorable sweetie!!!

aheee, sis, mikka likes seeing herself from videos we took of her. i think what's funnier is the fact that they recognize themselves and puzzled how did they get into the video kinda thing :o)

take care!

Eper said...

SOOO CUTE!!! I wish we had a "professional" photographer too so we can save money :)

madammisismummy said...

he is so adorable, sis!
sana may photog friends din ako. hehe

Gracie said...

hi berns,
thanks! and i agree! i think Dade is fascinated with the idea that he's "inside" that device. haha! kids talaga!

Gracie said...

hi eper,
Dade just got lucky because 3 of our closest friends are all pro-photogs (at godparents pa nya lahat).

Gracie said...

hi maqui,
thank you, sis! :)

Gracie said...

hi maqui,
thank you, sis! :)