Thursday, May 6, 2010

Accidental Shoe Purchase

Last Tuesday, we toured my teenage cousin who’s in town for a vacation to Ibn Battuta Mall located at the southern side of the city.  My feet were all sore from walking from one side of the mall to the other, add the fact that it was after work so I was wearing the same pair of stilettos since 6:45 am that day. So when we were in China court heading back to Andalucia, I started taking off my shoes.  We scouted for some cheap pair of flip flops that I can use, but couldn’t find any that I like. *choosy, eh!*  Besides, I realized it’d be better if I buy something that I can use again so it wouldn’t be a waste of money.  So off we went to search for something for me and my aching feet.

We passed by Athlete’s Foot, and saw this:

I was so close to buying a pair, but decided against it because I was hoping it would be put on sale this summer.

We kept walking until I saw from the corner of my eye the display window featuring Melissa Shoes. I was ecstatic I literally rushed inside the store to have a look.  After careful thought (and endless cajoling by my hubby, cousins and the salesgirl), I ended up going home with my first Melissa pair, which is part of the Vivienne Westwood line:

I.LOVE.IT!  It’s super duper comfy and it looks so lovely!  I just swiped my card (which I just paid in full as I always do) with eyes closed and convinced myself that I deserve this purchase.

But after this, there was a lesson learned.  I vow never to leave the house again without a back up pair of flip flops or flats in the car.  I didn’t realize it can be damaging to the pocket. Oh well!  But at least I went home happy, and that's all that matters :)

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Vanniedosa said...

hey that's a cute pair :)) good thing you accidentally bought it! ahahaha
tagged u here Gracie.