Monday, April 12, 2010

What A Wet Weekend!

My son has developed a love for the waters.  He used to abhor taking a bath but now he loves every minute of being immersed in water and getting all wet.  I think he's fascinated with the splish-splash of water and the sound it makes.

Last weekend, he had a playdate with Klyde, Karlisle and Guianna at Le Meridien and swimming was their chosen activity for the day.  The afternoon was just perfect -- the weather was great, the water's temperature was just warm enough (and very little Chlorine was added, too!), and most importantly, we had the pool to ourselves.

people watching while sitting on his floater

hey Dade!

baby Karlisle

Kuya Klyde
the only rose in the garden, Guianna

Dade, Karlisle's just borrowing, ok?

strong grip (i'm there just about half an arm's length away)

I was quite suprised to find out how independent and strong my little boy is.  At 8 months, he could sit comfortably in his baby floater.  He kicked like mad trying to move from one spot to another.  He was also brave enough to immerse his head under the water twice.  I wish I could enroll him in some baby aquatics class because I could see that he enjoyed his time, and if given the proper exercises, he could learn to float like those other babies I see on TV. Hubby & I think that's what he wants to do.  If there are such classes here, I hope they're not too pricey so we can enroll him and see him have fun and interact with other babies, too.

Dinner was courtesy of Klyde & Karlisle's grandma.  Perfectly good to cap the day's fun activity :)

Thanks H for inviting us (and for the lovely pictures!)! 'Til the next playdate of our little ones!


gracita said...

merong classes gracie. not sure if i told you when we were talking the other day but i inquired and supposedly, annika was going to start her class last sat. but she had colds and fever (and the father objected to her taking the class..) kaya di natuloy.

i have the number for waterbabies. it's somewhere in wafi ata. let me know if you want to apply dade so i can give you the number :)

Eper said...

How fun! I hope you find swimming lessons for Dade, I'm sure he'd love it! :)wonrin

Mich said...

cute photos and cute babies! kakagigil

Gracie said...

hi gracita,

thanks for recommending that. sayang lang 'cos when i called they started with the classes na. sa next batch siguro :)

Gracie said...

hi Eper,

i found one, but around summer na lang siguro 'cos di na umabot si Dade sa classes this Spring. mahilig sa tubig eh -- mana sa Lolo Daddy nya siguro :)

Gracie said...

hi Mich,

thanks -- parang mga babies mo din na super cute! :)