Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Party Preps Underway

Here I go again, putting on my party-planning hat and planning another party hundreds of miles away from home.  But i don’t mind the difficulty.  In fact, I love the challenge!  It’s always a joy for me to see the parties I organize turn out nicely despite being based overseas. You see, I’m a party girl.  There, I said it.  No matter how small or big the occasion is, I love turning it into a party.  I love details, I love food, I love people, I love celebrations, I love life! For me, anything that has to do with life’s wonderful moments deserve to be celebrated.  And the next major celebration we have in line is Dade’s upcoming first birthday.  Yippee!!

Earlier this month, we decided to book our major suppliers: the venue, the photographer, the videographer, the party decorator & the host/magician.  The other things that we need to decide on are the:

1.) caterer - Ryan & I are still debating on which caterer to get.  He wants to go for the expensive but tried and tested, while I wanna try other options that are also good but pocket-friendly.

2.) cake - I already have a cake maker in mind which I've booked yesterday.  I’m quite happy with her designs, and so far pleased with the feedback about her work.  Thanks to Dade’s Ninong N for offering to pay for the cake! :)

3.) invitations – I am still waiting for a reply from one supplier from way back so that I can compare it with the quote I got from another potential supplier.  I hope to finalize this soon.
4.) cupcakes – I’ll pay the down payment next week, and I’ll be getting the same supplier where I ordered Dade’s baptism cookies.  Couldn’t go wrong with her – her work is amazingly beautiful and yummy, too!
5.) guestbook – I’m just gonna coordinate with my previous supplier by early July so we can include recent pics for the guestbook.  I just don’t have the time to do this anymore as I am bent on making a brag-book of Dade’s first year and have it printed coffee–table style.
6.) lootbag give-aways – If i can have it my way, I want something with a personalized design.  But since there is a budget to consider, I’m hoping to find some affordable generic ones when I come home.  I found this real nice bag supplier online but her quote is just way beyond my budget.  Shame! :(
7.) prizes – my sister-in-law and I would definitely troop to Divisoria again this time to buy some prizes for the games, plus some knick-knacks to put in the lootbags.  It’s tough to go to Divisoria during the rainy season, but what the heck!  It’s a haven of toys for the young and young-at-heart so never mind the trouble.  Remember that’s where I got Dade’s give-aways during his baptism...and everyone loved it!
8.) photobooth – my kumpare rents a photo-booth so I’m getting their services for Dade’s birthday.  They’re charging me with a super friendly rate so I’m one happy momma! :D

There are lots of nice-to-haves with the kiddie party these days but we decided to stick with these ones for the time being, and maybe add a couple more nearer the date when we are sure of how the budget will work.  We will be flying to Manila specifically for this occasion but we don’t want us to end up scrimping on our holiday, too, because we’re throwing a birthday party.  We still would want to leave some budget for a proper R&R  for us.

I cross my fingers that all will go well.


AEC said...

wow, ang bilis! Dade will be one year old soon! :) happy preps! hehe (sounds familiar?)

Mich said...

Enjoy the preps. Parang kelan lang ano?