Thursday, April 8, 2010

The iPad

This thing of beauty was finally brought out to stores last Saturday, and my friend at work was able to get hold of one by ordering online.  Boy, was he giddy happy when the DHL guy delivered it to our offices this morning!

He happily showed it to us, and I swear, within minutes his cubicle was flocked with people buzzing about his new gizmo.  He's an avid Apple fan, I tell you!  For someone his age, he's pretty much in tune with his techie side -- quite the contrast of a ludite!

I borrowed his new gadget & posted this on FB for my friends to see.

I wish it were mine!

My friend is actually simple guy but he goes crazy with anything hi-tech.  He's the same friend of mine who downloaded songs to my iPod since he's got 5,000 cds in his library (no kidding!).  Last November, he was one of the first ones to own the Blackberry Bold 9700 in UAE 'cos he bought it in UK, and two weeks ago, he just bought a 55" Samsung LED TV for his wife.  Now how cool is that?

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