Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Since this is Dade's first Easter, I decided to get him this cute bib from Carter's:
super pa-cute

I also dressed him up in his Easter outfit, and thought he looked really cute in it.  He must've thought it's real cool to be standing up already and  not holding on to anything so when we were about to pick him up to leave for dinner, he leaned forward and took a step.  Good thing both Ryan & I were just inches away else he had fallen off.

Mom's cutie patootie

Dinner was at Gourmet Burger Kitchen.  We ordered Garlic Mayo & Bleu Cheese burgers, and using my GBK card, we only had to pay for one burger (yeehaw!).  Our little boy, meanwhile, had Fine Green Beans and Potatoes washed down with 4 oz of milk.  Takaw!

feeding the boss

the 2 boys I love the most

a whopping burger no less

Hope your Easter Sunday went well, too.  Let us not forget to say a silent prayer to thank God for giving up His Son for us.  Take care everyone!  Have a great week & may God bless us all!


Eper said...

Dade, you look so grown up in your Easter attire :)

Shelly said...

how cuuuuuute & charming. he plumped up puera usog and super handsome with his RL getup. pwedeng nyong pagkakitaan yang batang yan, gracie. =)

cheche said...

ang chubby chubby ni cutie pie! love the outfit! pd na manligaw (nooooo!)

Gracie said...

hi Eper,
yup, parang big boy na, no? kinda felt sad nga when i saw him sporting this outfit. ambilis ng panahon!

Gracie said...

hi Shelly,
hahaha! you think kiikita pa sya ng more than AED 10?? hehe! thank you, thank you for the compliments! yup, he plumped up a bit. kakatuwa na kasi bilugan na naman ang face :)

Gracie said...

hi Cheche,
naku, wag muna manliligaw -- hindi ko siguro kakayanin! haha! etong batang 'to pa-pogi lagi. marunong nang magpa-cute & mag-spot ng pretty girls kahit walang nagtuturo. tsk, tsk!