Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy 8th Month, Dade!

It's April Fool's Day, but no one is fooling us at how much our little baby has grown into someone so charming (and attention-seeking, if I may add) in the last 8 months of our lives. We have to pinch ourselves to believe you're now 8 months old, sweetie. I keep writing here how fast you grow, and I can't seem to stop. Each and every day is like a discovery of sorts for me & your Dad at how amazing your development is.

You show to us how ready you are to stand up and start walking, and you throw a fit whenever we fail to have you hold on to the furniture so you can give cruising a try.  Please don't rush, love.  We still wanna baby you for as long as we possibly can.

home-made chocolate cake made by Daddy Ryan
(and poorly decorated by Mommy...haha!)

Happy 8th month birthday to our mighty little trooper, Dade! We love you so much!


Lisa said...

Happy 8th month Dade!! He is so cute! Enjoy your day.

Eper said...

Happy 8th month baby Dade! :) Yes, pls. don't grow up too fast ok? So mama and dada can baby you all they want!