Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buh-bye Windshield

A month ago, as Ryan was cruising through one of Dubai’s major thoroughfare at its maximum speed limit, a small rock flew out of nowhere and hit our car’s windshield. For weeks, our windshield looked like this:

solid thud from a small rock

Thankfully, it is covered by insurance with no deductible.  However, the Salik or toll fee sticker can no longer be used and we’ll have to get a new one.  But what hurts us the most is that we also have to say bye-bye to the windshield’s tint.  When we got our car, we invested on a really good tint considering the climate here in the UAE, and now that our car’s windshield is going to be replaced, we have to pay again for tint installation, which is unfortunately not reimbursable to the insurance company.  I just hope Nanolux gives us a good price for the tint because it doesn’t come cheap.  And summer is drawing near so we better have it installed soon after the windshield gets replaced on Sunday.

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Gomez said...

I'm not sure what the laws are where you are, but in most of the world a star like that can easily be repaired... and for much less than the cost of a new windshield. Done properly, it's much better than replacing your windshield (less chance for future leaks which can cause damage to your car).