Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Weekend Movie Date

…made possible by my good friend at work, Abbie. yay!

We were so lucky Abbie volunteered to babysit Dade last Friday so we could watch Alice in Wonderland in 3D.  Despite the bad reviews from people who’ve seen it, we decided to give it a go as we never really get to go out frequently on a date since we had Dade.  Plus I like Johnny Depp.

So off we went to Abbie’s place at Uptown Mirdif to entrust our little boy to her.  After we settled Dade to his new play area and briefed Abbie on what to do, we left them in each other’s company, and drove to Dubai Mall for our much-awaited movie date.  Traffic was a breeze so we arrived kind of early at the theater.  Since we booked our tickets online the day before, it only took us less than 2 minutes to claim our tickets so we had enough time to squeeze in a healthy afternoon snack at The Frozen Yogurt Factory and pick up a tray of Nachos, hotdog sandwich and colas at the snack bar to bring to the theater.  Our date felt like a flashback of our dating years back in college – we had fun!

The movie was eerily dark for a children’s movie -- very typical of any Tim Burton film. Ryan got bored with the movie he slipped into a deep slumber in the middle of it.  After the screening, we picked up a few items for Dade – veggies, a new binkie, a Fisher Price Toy, and a new bottle & accessories keeper.  We also bumped into my ex-officemates in Manila, Sherry & Ryan at Mothercare who were also looking around for stuff as they’re expecting their first baby soon.

We reached Abbie’s place by 7:00 pm – 5 hours after we dropped Dade off.  And we’re so proud of Abbie because she did so well -- she bottlefed Dade, fed him his bottle of squash and potatoes, changed his nappy twice (both with poop!), and changed his clothes, too.  That was in between them watching Bolt on TV (where Abbie noticed how fascinated our son is with the credits), playing in his mat with his toys, and walking around the garden and the poolside. Good thing our son didn’t give her too much of a hard time. We capped the night off with a buffet dinner at Pizza Express at the Uptown Mirdif Mall, a few steps away from their apartment.

It was a beautiful Friday for all of us.  A million thanks to Abbie for babysitting for free! Till the next movie in our list (last installment of Shrek – again in 3D).


Eper said...

I'm soo inggit! Can you believe we haven't watched a movie in almost a year? We should really get a yaya soon...

Gracie said...

hi eper,
oh, you should try & go out once in a while pa rin. i promise you, it's a welcome break from parenting. just leave the little tot to someone you can trust in the family, and you'll do just fine.