Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Heart Mc Do

I have always loved Mc Donald's. Don't get me wrong -- I'm a fan of the Bee myself but there'll always be a special spot in my heart for this American franchise that I've learned to love since I was little. Who wouldn't, with their Big Mac, Mc Chicken, Caramel Sundae, & of course, their FRENCH FRIES! Their breakfast is also one of my faves especially the hash browns. Mm--mmmm!!

Mc Donald's is spread all over the world so it's the perfect place to go to when you're traveling, and with fear in no mood to try anything new. The first Mc Donalds outside the Philippines that I've been to was in HK 25 years ago. I still remember how bizarre it was for me to eat at a fastfood joint while standing. Other Mc Donald's I've eaten at were in Istanbul, New Orleans, Houston airport, Macau, and London. So yeah, talk about real love for the red-haired Ronald!

So imagine my joy when Mc Donald's here in the UAE decided to open their stores 24/7 -- WOW!! Now we have a place to run to when our stomachs decide to grumble in the middle of the night. And since they're now open 24 hours, that also means that they serve breakfast. Oh yes, the Sausage Mc Muffins are here!

After our holidays in Manila, we finally had the time to try their breakfast. On a fine Friday morning, we drove to their Jumeirah Beach Road branch and dined al-fresco to take advantage of the nice weather. And yup, you guessed it right -- we ordered big breakfast and pancakes with dollops of butter and lots & lots of syrup! Tee hee! :)

reading his book while Mom & Dad are having their breakfast

It was a perfect place to meet up with friends, Gracita & Harvey, with their beautiful daughter, Annika.

the daddies & their offsprings :)

with a glowing 2nd time Mama-to-be

with the little grabbers

So you see, Mc Donald's is truly a family place :)

I love you, Bee -- but I love Ronald, too!


AEC said...

I love Mcdo too! Super! There isn't everywhere I've been to that I haven't gone inside a McDonald's branch. I love Mcdo that much. hahaha. Look at one of the photos my mom scanned/tagged me in FB.

Gracie said...

hi mandy,

sarap ng McDo naman kasi. the safest food to eat whenever, wherever!! haha!
may Chicken wings na sila dito sa DXB -- super happy!